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Level Up: The March 25-31 2019 Weekly Astrological Forecast By Allie

Excuse my 'French', but what a fucking week it was for me! That stomach ailment apparently wasn't at all what it was speculated to be. Coupled with a medical professional who in all honesty, needs to have more schooling before they kill somebody (I truly hope this doesn't happen, but looking realistically, this woman should... Continue Reading →

What Matters Most: Allie’s Weekly Astro Forecast February 25-March 3rd

Pisces season has me feeling a little sluggish, guys. I'm sleepy, I'm not too motivated, and I'm hella emotional. Doesn't really help when the Moon is in her balsamic phase! But the Moon enters the fourth quarter going into Wednesday, making it a more ideal time for digging deeper into self-reflection. Other than that, that's... Continue Reading →

The Virgo Full Moon & Lessons In Self-Validation (Allie’s Weekly Astro-Forecast: February 18-24 2019)

Hey everybody! There is only 10 days left to register for my online astrology course. So if you have always wanted to learn how to read birth charts, click here for more information! Also, I have another batch of love horoscopes featured on that you can check out here. Other than that, not much... Continue Reading →

Love Is All You Need (Astrologer Allie’s Weekly Astro-Weather Forecast; February 11-17, 2019 Edition)

Exciting things are happening over here! I am finally offering an online astrology course to teach others how to read natal charts. The sign-up deadline is February 28th, so if you're interested, all of the details can be found here! Also, the February monthly horoscope has been posted and you can read it here, and... Continue Reading →

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