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The Virgo Full Moon & Lessons In Self-Validation (Allie’s Weekly Astro-Forecast: February 18-24 2019)

Hey everybody! There is only 10 days left to register for my online astrology course. So if you have always wanted to learn how to read birth charts, click here for more information! Also, I have another batch of love horoscopes featured on that you can check out here. Other than that, not much... Continue Reading →

Love Is All You Need (Astrologer Allie’s Weekly Astro-Weather Forecast; February 11-17, 2019 Edition)

Exciting things are happening over here! I am finally offering an online astrology course to teach others how to read natal charts. The sign-up deadline is February 28th, so if you're interested, all of the details can be found here! Also, the February monthly horoscope has been posted and you can read it here, and... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Aquarius: Starting Fresh (February 4-10 2019 Astrological Forecast By Allie)

Well guys, I got my tattoos. But Chiron's purple ink has caused an allergic reaction. My arm hurts. Fitting, right? Oh loves, my head has been all over the place lately! Monday, February 4th With Monday's Aquarius New Moon, it's wise to use caution when relying too heavily on logic alone. Don't ignore your gut,... Continue Reading →

Back To Business: The Latest Reality Check Astro-Forecast By Allie (January 28th-February 3rd 2019 Edition)

Things are slowing down now that we have finally exited the eclipse window. You may find that your own energy levels are low and it's hard to get motivated this weekend. However, coming into this week we will spend it entirely in the fourth quarter, waning phase of the Moon. Psychologically, deep diving into the... Continue Reading →

Giving Space Time: The Weekly Reality Check Astro-Forecast By Allie (January 22-27, 2019 Edition)

The Lunar Eclipse was a beautiful sight! Even tonight, the moon still has a reddish hue. Despite truly knowing better, I somehow expected the desired life changes I am working on to instantly manifest when the eclipse ended... and haven't I been saying this for a couple of weeks now? Patience, dammit.I am going to... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Leo & Lunar Eclipse Mayhem: The January 14-21 2019 Astrological Forecast

This is a pretty crucial time for all of us, in some way or another, whether you believe it or not. This edition of the forecasts with run from Monday-Monday because of that fact. In-between eclipses (the New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn that occurred on January 5th and the upcoming Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse... Continue Reading →

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