I am a wife, a mother, an astrologer, a chronic pain and a mental health warrior. I rely on my spirituality and my lifelong passion of astrology to get me through my life’s toughest moments.

I originally started this blog to spill the innerworkings of my mind, as asserting myself is something I have been working on for a long time. I’ve been through some trauma in my life, and I’ve learned that one of my long-standing coping mechanisms is to keep quiet, not express myself, and not defend myself at all. I hadn’t been good at speaking up for my own needs or well-being. Being a serial people pleaser with a seriously low self-worth was a cop-out on really dealing with my issues and healing myself. I only got hurt as time went on. Little by little I am asserting myself more. It’s uncomfortable, but that’s when you know it’s true growth.

I am now pursing my true passion with newfound confidence, and that is being an Astrologer. My journey began through my Instagram account which I created in September, 2015 where I share my 18 years of self-taught knowledge and experience in the field.

So you will find my astrological musings and forecasts, my reading options, how you can reach me along with where you can find me on social media. I provide in-person readings at the Luna Enchanted shop in Marlboro, NY and I am also starting a new adventure of providing sun sign love horoscopes every other week for brides.com starting October 29th, 2018! Please feel free to share my work with your friends and loved ones.

It’ll only go up from here!

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