What Matters Most: Allie’s Weekly Astro Forecast February 25-March 3rd

Pisces season has me feeling a little sluggish, guys. I’m sleepy, I’m not too motivated, and I’m hella emotional. Doesn’t really help when the Moon is in her balsamic phase! But the Moon enters the fourth quarter going into Wednesday, making it a more ideal time for digging deeper into self-reflection. Other than that, that’s about it.

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Monday, February 25th

It’s no surprise that on this day, we are highly in-tune with our emotions. We are likely to use our intuition over logical thinking when it comes to making choices, and have a drive to understand more deeply what makes us tick. Analysis of our behaviors, the how and why, can help us come to a place of more self-awareness and understanding. You may also find the desire to do some practical tasks as tokens of affection for those you care about, without requiring recognition for them.

As the day progresses, Uranus having influence can make us feel like the rug is erratically being pulled from underneath us. There’s a potential for receiving shocking news (of any kind, really). But luckily, we are graced with the faith that things will be okay through looking at the bigger picture in our lives.

(Monday’s Aspects: Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio Moon trine Mercury in Pisces, Scorpio Moon sextile Venus in Capricorn, Moon goes void of course at 7:14AM EST, Scorpio Moon quincunx Uranus in Aries, Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:19PM EST, Sagittarius Moon trine Chiron in Aries)

Tuesday, February 26th

As a precursor to the fourth quarter Moon, on Tuesday we will probably be spending more time internally, becoming more aware of the shadow aspects within ourselves in order to accept them and continue to grow. Those who resist their shadow aspects will most likely try to hide behind an emotionless or even angry façade in order to falsely exude “toughness” and self-preservation, but it won’t last. Embracing our vulnerabilities without denial will be the easier way through this process. Fighting it will only bring pain. Neptune also plays a big part into Tuesday, so it is wise to stay away from alcohol, drugs, and any other means of escapism. Don’t do yourself the disservice of thwarting what needs to be exposed for your own benefit.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon quincunx Mars in Taurus, Sagittarius Moon square Neptune in Pisces)

Wednesday, February 27th

On Wednesday, there is a potential to overindulge in response to our emotions, whether that be through food, shopping, drinking, what have you. There may also be a level of foolish overconfidence which can become detrimental if risky actions are taken. Feeling good about ourselves is wonderful, but for this day it’s wise to practice caution and self-discipline so you don’t get carried away. Using the day’s energy for good, however, can help us to tactfully assert ourselves much easier than usual. Granted, overthinking in the wrong areas can become an issue. While risk taking may be our focus which needs redirection, we may be engaging in negative self-talk and have a feeling that we need to “prove” ourselves to others. This isn’t the case.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sagittarius Moon square Mercury in Pisces, Pisces Sun sextile Mars in Taurus)

Thursday, February 28th

Thursday may be a bit of a rollercoaster, as we may spend some time feeling highly misunderstood and lonesome… even questioning existence and who we really are. But we can use this to our advantage in breaking bad habits for bettering our lives in the long run. We will receive some calming and mellow emotional reprieve towards Thursday evening and we can rest.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 1:17AM, Moon enters Capricorn at 1:48AM EST, Capricorn Moon square Chiron in Aries, Capricorn Moon trine Mars in Taurus, Capricorn Moon sextile Pisces Sun)

Friday, March 1st

Venus enters Aquarius on Friday, shifting our relationship and financial focus towards unconventional, eclectic approaches. Also, it’s lighthearted and fun-loving energy… so things won’t be so deep or serious in these departments. Prior to this shift, Venus makes a hard aspect to Uranus, bringing us a relationship test which can throw instability towards us. No worries if you’re in a healthy partnership- you’ll make the cut and persevere. This only serves to clear out that which is only hindering lives. Taking personal, mature accountability by admitting when you’ve fucked up is a massive sign you’re in the right direction. Still, it can be easy to become triggered into uncomfortable memories by this situation. Lean on rationality instead of impulsive reactions and decisions.

(Friday’s Aspects: Venus in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, Venus enters Aquarius at 11:45AM EST, Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn)

Saturday, March 2nd

Saturday will be a day involving healing encompassed in love and compassion for both ourselves and others using forgiveness, understanding and a willingness to leave the past behind. We may find out heart and mind working in balanced harmony to aid us, with our thoughts and feelings being on the same page.

Primal coping mechanisms may show up, coming in the forms of irritation, aggravation, and anger. Allow yourself to feel, but don’t act on those feelings. Taking a proactive stance on improving your life and these coping mechanisms will help to shift your perspective.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Venus in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries, Capricorn sextile Mercury in Pisces, Capricorn Moon square Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 1:47PM EST, Moon enters Aquarius at 2:06PM EST, Aquarius Moon sextile Chiron in Aries, Aquarius Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius)

Sunday, March 3rd

We are bound to feel angry on Sunday thanks to planet Mars in a tough spot- but again, think before acting. Dire consequences can have lasting effects, which really goes without saying. Overall, this is not an ideal week to take risks. It’s also important to take note that on Sunday, those of us who are accident prone need to practice more awareness and caution (this applies to me!).

(Sunday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon square Mars in Taurus)

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