The Virgo Full Moon & Lessons In Self-Validation (Allie’s Weekly Astro-Forecast: February 18-24 2019)

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Monday, February 18th

After a long run in Pisces, Chiron has entered Aries early Monday morning and will remain there for an approximate seven-year run (2026). Pisces and Aries are the signs that, funny enough, last through Chiron the longest. The very end of the zodiac, and the very beginning. Our focus in healing zeros in now on our identity, our autonomy, and learning to validate and accept ourselves as we are.
We also shift from Aquarius season to Pisces season on this day. Annnd Mercury Retrograde’s shadow period begins.

We may find ourselves very focused inwards today, and as self-awareness is a good thing; When Saturn comes into the picture it can bring a daunting feel. Relationships may be tested and it’s likely that no matter how close you are to somebody, the harsh truth is that nobody truly knows each individual’s lens of reality. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that you’re entirely alone in that fact, and feeling overwhelmed in isolation. The thing to realize is that you are not the only one here. No two human beings experience the exact same situation with 100% identical perception of the events taking place, and that’s actually fascinating if you think about it. Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you’re an outsider.

Even if you do find yourself succumbing to your emotions, let it flow. With Chiron shifting signs we are apt to feel increasingly sensitive and emotionally conflicted. This will pass, so take it easy on yourself and others right now.

(Monday’s Aspects: Aquarius Sun sextile Uranus in Aries, Chiron enters Aries at 4:10AM EST, Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, Leo Moon quincunx Mercury in Pisces, Leo Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces, Leo Moon quincunx Saturn in Capricorn, Leo Moon quincunx Venus in Capricorn, Sun enters Pisces 6:04PM EST, Leo Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, Leo Moon quincunx Pluto in Capricorn)

Tuesday, February 19th

Neptune plays a big part on Tuesday and it can go in one of two directions: the energy can either manifest through enhanced psychic perceptions and abilities (the clairs), or in complete confusion through self-doubt and misinterpretations. It’s advised to keep away from potentially addictive habits at this time.

Luckily, the day progresses and the Full Moon in Virgo occurs. We are given another opportunity to look at how far we’ve come. Past traumas and triggers resurface but only as a means to facilitate more eye-opening realizations and healing. There is a little bit of rebelliousness in the air with this Full Moon, with the strong urge to break free from that which still limits us. We are encouraged to rely heavily on our gut instincts and taking that risk you’ve put off for too long. We are also blessed to have compassion, enhanced healing abilities, selflessness and loving energy along for the ride.

(Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Leo Moon trine Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 8:51AM EST, Moon enters Virgo at 9:47AM EST, Virgo Moon quincunx Chiron in Aries, Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Sun (Full Moon) at 10:54AM EST, Virgo Moon trine Mars in Taurus)

Wednesday, February 20th

On Wednesday, we may experience a nagging need to let our feelings and desires to be known as we hope to receive craved validation. What really needs to occur instead of searching externally for what would be a never-fulfilled quest is to focus inward on self-development. Spend time with our inner children and give ourselves the love we are searching for. It is best to lay low today as interactions with others may be easily misread and misconstrued.

(Virgo Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces, Virgo Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, Virgo Moon opposite Mercury in Pisces, Virgo Moon trine Venus in Capricorn, Virgo Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Virgo Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn, Moon goes void of course at 8:52PM EST)

Thursday, February 21st

We find ourselves on Thursday carrying over the need to feel heard and understood. The theme of this week boils down to continually showing ourselves compassion. Irritated feelings or even sadness may accompany these thoughts running through us. We have to put up a fight and not give in to letting these thoughts cause us to feel shame or weakness, as these are not the case at all.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Virgo Moon quincunx Uranus in Aries, Moon enters Libra at 9:17AM EST, Libra Moon opposite Chiron in Aries, Libra Moon quincunx Pisces Sun, Libra Moon quincunx Mars in Taurus)

Friday, February 22nd

Mistrusting the motives of others may very well occur on Friday as we feel the not-so-great side of Neptune influencing us in the earlier part of the day. It can turn into an accusatory fest, where reactive anger can fly. Despite the tense situation, yet again compassion is needed to come into play. Shifting ourselves into a space of counting blessings we have and/or being willing to surrender our fears in knowing that things will unfold as they are supposed to are our tools to use if we choose to do so.

(Friday’s Aspects: Libra Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces, Libra Moon square Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Libra Moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, Libra Moon quincunx Mercury in Pisces, Libra Moon square Venus in Capricorn, Libra Moon square Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn)

Saturday, February 23rd

How you react to events that occur come Saturday will set the tone of the weekend due to emotional triggers that crop up to test us all. Don’t act impulsively. Depth in our emotions as well as our thought processes may have us overthinking what we say and do… being yet another game our mind wants to play with us. Talking about it and doing your best to open up about your personal vulnerabilities will help greatly, despite how hard it can be to begin.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Libra Moon opposite Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 10:11AM EST, Moon enters Scorpio at 10:56AM EST, Scorpio Moon quincunx Chiron in Aries, Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon opposite Mars in Taurus)

Sunday, February 24th

Sentimentality will encompass the day to wrap up the weekend. We may be prone to vivid dreams and an active imagination. This is a good typical Sunday to relax and engage in laid-back types of activities with loved ones.

(Sunday’s Aspects: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces, Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn)

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