Giving Space Time: The Weekly Reality Check Astro-Forecast By Allie (January 22-27, 2019 Edition)

The Lunar Eclipse was a beautiful sight! Even tonight, the moon still has a reddish hue. Despite truly knowing better, I somehow expected the desired life changes I am working on to instantly manifest when the eclipse ended… and haven’t I been saying this for a couple of weeks now? Patience, dammit.

I am going to jump ahead for a moment to tomorrow’s transits and talk about myself for what I feel is an important reason. Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius will form an exact conjunction at 14 degrees at the sign. Do you know what happens to sit at 14 degrees Sagittarius? The Great Attractor. Do you know who has the birth placement of Saturn in 14 degrees Sagittarius? This bitch. Needless to say, I feel fortunate and excited with the potential surprises this could bring for me personally!

I have two awesome contributions I joined in on with this week. First being this week’s rendition of love horoscopes which can be read here; and I was also featured in an article about Full Moon weddings! Check them out!

Alright, let’s get onto the astro-happenings for this week.

Tuesday, January 22nd

Going into Tuesday, we’ll still be riding the train towards desiring the achievement of turning a new leaf in our lives during this eclipse energy come-down. We are more than likely still remaining willing and open to be completely honest with ourselves and continue the intention setting process. It’s also a good time to connect benevolently with the people we love; family and friends, forming even stronger bonds.

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction on this day can manifest for a lot of us as an ultimate sigh of relief post-eclipse. We may even be able to catch glimpses of the good that’s to come as long as we are willing to do the work. This transit helps us to attract fortunate circumstances to our lives, inner harmony, while feeling grateful, happy and abundance on our side. Themes around our own worth and self-concept are heightened in our minds and will benefit from this influence over us. Rebirth and transformation is happening, and we all feel it to some degree collectively. We are shedding the skin of our past experiences, clearing out the cobwebs of our life’s trauma. It can be a bit uncomfortable to go through, however that is how growth is achieved. Be mindful of over-analyzing and beating a dead horse as this can have the reverse effect and result which can hinder the progress we have made. Healing the self does not require putting ourselves through more distress and turmoil. Drop the harsh self-judgement and be easy on yourself during this process.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Leo Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, Leo Moon quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, Leo Moon quincunx Mercury in Capricorn, Leo Moon trine Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 8:19PM EST, Leo Moon quincunx Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Virgo at 10:22PM EST)

Wednesday, January 23rd

A swift, last minute change of plans may catch us off guard come Wednesday, which can make us feel pretty fearful. It’s a good day to cut down caffeine intake to decrease the likelihood of overwhelming anxiousness. It’s advised that you’re best off with rolling with the punches of whatever comes, and not to personally make impulsive choices. Again, there is no need to put added pressure on ourselves. This is merely a re-adjustment period and the best thing we can do is take care of our individual well-being. It may become “apparent” to us that we are confused about the motives of other people. It is a time to consider if this mild paranoia stems from our own projected subconscious fears and insecurities. It can make us aggressively competitive if we don’t check ourselves. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

However, a great deal of understanding through deepening our curiosity of psychological awareness, and what could be blocked within us can be the very cornerstone that starts the liberation from previous damages done. Even prevention of future wounding! Definitely confide in a trusted friend in this event if you feel the need to do so, it’s actually favored that you don’t go through it all alone.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Virgo Moon quincunx Aquarius Sun, Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces, Virgo Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, Virgo Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces, Virgo Moon quincunx Mars in Aries)

Thursday, January 24th

Don’t let the laid back energy of Thursday which gives us the opportunity freely communicate our innovative thoughts and ideas in the grand scheme of things to let others use you and your gifts like a doormat. Stick up for yourself and also don’t get too disappointed in yourself as it’s likely a lot of us will lack motivation in general and feel a great deal of physical lethargy. It’s to be expected considering the eclipse just hit us a few days prior! Pay close attention to gut feelings as our intuition will be heightened during this time. It is effortless to internalize our surroundings so be advised that boundaries are essential.

We may be experiencing an intense internal war as well between rebellion versus suppressing wanting freedom; and open vulnerability versus shutting the world out. This can potentially manifest itself through wanting to set somebody else up by sabotage, but please realize the consequences before doing so. Instead, again, look within for resolution.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Virgo Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Aquarius at 12:49AM EST, Virgo Moon square Venus in Sagittarius, Virgo Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn, Moon goes void of course at 8:50AM EST, Virgo Moon quincunx Uranus in Aries, Virgo Moon opposite Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Libra at 11:02PM EST)

Friday, January 25th

When Friday arrives we luckily have clarity and accuracy on our side in terms of perceptions of occurring events that take place during the day. This will give us an advantage of stay cool, calm, contemplative and collected under potential pressures that arise; as well as level-headed decision making skills. We are able to get needed tasks done without a care in the world, even the most boring and monotonous ones. Our confidence levels will benefit today as a result of the relaxed vibes of the day.

But come Friday evening, we could start being harsh towards ourselves as our insecurities that remain bubble up to the surface. Look to comfort the inner child calling out for validation at this moment. It’s a sensitive and sentimental time with conflicting emotions to contend with. Despite the weekend on the horizon, a compromised Neptune transit with the Moon means it’s wise to refrain from mind altering substances. Hit the hay early, you’ll be glad you did.

(Friday’s Aspects: Libra Moon trine Mercury in Aquarius, Libra Moon trine Aquarius Sun, Mars in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, Libra Moon square Saturn in Capricorn. Libra Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces)

Saturday, January 26th

The weekend can be an ideal moment to seize in enjoying warm gatherings with your favorite people; sharing good food, stories of nostalgia, fun vibes and loving the sociable company. We could experience a tug-of-war emotionally during the day, encouraging us to reground and regroup ourselves. Passion-filled emotions will run high, for better or for worse. It is all up to us how we manage this particular energy. The down side is being impatient, moody, irritated and snappy. The upward side is where we can tap into being tender, loving and affectionate in freely giving the attention and validation we wish for ourselves- but without strings attached.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Libra Moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, Libra Moon opposite Mars in Aries, Libra Moon sextile Venus in Sagittarius, Libra Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces)

Sunday, January 27th

We end the weekend in the start of the fourth quarter, waxing phase of the Moon which is ideal for shadow work and deep inner-growth and analysis. If we engage in these activities it is always important to be consciously aware that unpleasant truths can appear, causing emotional pain. How we react is crucial in terms of steering the course into ruin or safety. We have a drive to find answers to questions regarding transformational path we are on. It can be easy to feel like an emotionally reactive volcano. But if you feel up to it, do the shadow work: invite your demons in for a cup of coffee and work through the strife to reap the benefits of healing and growth.

(Sunday’s Aspects: Libra Moon opposite Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 12:21AM EST, Libra Moon quincunx Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Scorpio at 2:31AM EST, Scorpio Moon square Mercury in Aquarius, Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Sun)

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