More Self-Love: The January 7-13, 2019 Astrological Forecast

I wasn’t kidding last week when I said today was going to be a hot mess of emotions, because I’ve been a mess all day. Uranus is now direct, the solar eclipse & New Moon in Capricorn duo happened Saturday; and it’s been a rough weekend internally. I could definitely use a vacation from my own head.

Another batch of my weekly love horoscopes will be featured January 7th-14th on And if you haven’t seen yet, my horoscopes for the entire month of January are already up on, which will be a regular ordeal! I will physically be in the shop Luna Enchanted located in Marlboro, New York this Thursday the 10th for readings (if you’re interested, this link provided will take you to the Facebook event page for booking an appointment.

Monday, January 7th

We may start Monday with an odd feeling of, well, actually nothing. It can be easy to feel blank, bored, empty and without even a cause to pin it on. What can provide some clues are investigating the potential of reaching a state of complacency and in which area(s) of our life this is taking place in order to take steps to change it. Otherwise, using the same boredom in a much less constructive manner can cause some to almost unknowingly nit-pick over the smallest freaking things, stir-the-pot in social situations for the hell of it, and perhaps just want to bicker for the pathetic sake of ‘entertainment’. Luckily, Venus enters Sagittarius in the morning too which helps us in the love sector in ways such as having more of a care-free attitude. Not so much jealousy and possessiveness issues but rather, wanting to enjoy adventures of virtually any kind with the person we love the most (even through deep and meaningful discussions).

As the day progresses, we are able to gain back our momentum through utilizing motivation and a driven mentality to conquer goals and even intentions to manifest into reality that may have been set during the New Moon/eclipse this past weekend.

(Monday’s Aspects: Capricorn Moon sextile Venus in Scorpio, Moon enters Aquarius at 1:46AM EST, Venus enters Sagittarius at 6:18AM EST, Aquarius Moon sextile Mars in Aries)

Tuesday, January 8th

Tuesday is going to be a day that we will need to be extra kind to ourselves as feeling irritability and fatigue could potentially lead to detrimental over-indulgence in which may provoke feelings of guilt and remorse- and/or send us over the edge through being hot-tempered and easily provoked. So on Tuesday, practice patience, self-compassion, and thinking things through before taking any actions.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Aries)

Wednesday, January 9th

Fortunately, Wednesday morning we get to experience a mood recovery through diving towards inspiration and turning unfortunate circumstances into fuel for creative ideas for the future. Coming out of the mental slump a bit, we may even have the confident to take a risk that’ll pay off down the road. Later on in the evening, however, it’s advised to be mindful of your emotions and even basic needs such as requiring sleep or feeling hungry. This is because with the evening astrological energies at hand; a potentially overblown, emotionally-reactive situation could occur over a mere disagreement of opinions. Self-assessment will be needed to decipher whether or not we could be misconstruing what the actual reality of the situation is.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 11:53AM EST, Moon enters Pisces at 2:44PM EST, Pisces Moon squares Venus in Sagittarius)

Thursday, January 10th

Thursday arrives with chances to take personal accountability for our own behaviors and actions through emotional programming. We aren’t responsible for what we have endured but we are responsible for healing ourselves. We can take time committing to soul-searching inner-work for the betterment of our lives as our heart and mind are able to work as a harmonious team. It is crucial to tap into looking at things objectively as to not zero in on self-depreciation and shame. Practicing mindfulness, acceptance and compassion is necessary. While asleep, pay close attention to visions, messages and clues presented to you in dreams that can help guide you while the Moon is in Pisces.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Pisces Moon sextile Mercury in Capricorn, Pisces Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Pisces Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

Friday, January 11th

On Friday, we experience a lot of what the prior day’s focus is as well. With a heavy Pluto influence, we are able to hyper-focused on investigating the deepest, cobweb-filled areas of our psyche to search for answers via self-analysis. The desired outcome is to gain more understanding through the lens of compassion and without judgement. There are overall feelings of serenity and contentment throughout the day.

(Friday’s Aspects: Capricorn Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Pisces Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Pisces Moon sextile Capricorn Sun, Moon goes void of course at 9:25PM EST)

Saturday, January 12th

The Moon changes from the elder sign of the zodiac into the baby sign of Aries in the middle of the night on Saturday, emotionally picking up momentum and more energy. We are more likely to feel more productive in a physical sense, more outspoken as to what is on our minds, and apt to have more courage. During the afternoon, a fiery trine between the Moon and Venus will ignite passion in all forms, helping to boost our confidence and set out to have some fun. Mars joins in later in the evening, increasing the energetic fueling to our ambitious desires. We are optimistic about goals we wish to achieve, and begin the work required to make them happen.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron, Moon enters Aries at 3:18AM EST, Aries Moon trine Venus in Sagittarius, Aries Moon conjunct Mars in Aries)

Sunday, January 13th

As long as we can meet whatever may come on Sunday with patience and the ability to embrace temporary discomfort in the realization that everything does pass, we can wrap up the weekend with some hope (but also feeling irritated… and that’s okay!). It’s yet another time for testing ourselves through willpower and discipline and not reacting unconsciously to situations that arise. It is strongly encouraged to stay away from any kind of addictive substances, due to a square occurring between Jupiter and Neptune because that will only add unneeded stress in the form of confusion and very warped perceptions. And please continue to be easy on yourselves, as we are all human beings who make mistakes. If you fall off of the horse, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue to try. Have self-compassion always.

(Sunday’s Aspects: Aries Moon square Mercury in Capricorn, Aries Moon square Saturn in Capricorn, Aries Moon trine Jupiter Sagittarius, Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, Aries Moon square Pluto in Capricorn)

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