Don’t Wait For January 1st To Change Your Life: The December 31st 2018-January 6th 2019 Weekly Astrological Forecast

It’s far from a coincidence that we are currently in the fourth quarter, waning phase of the Moon at the tail end of the year, preparing us in going forward until the New Moon/partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th. If we use this time wisely and to our advantage, we can continue bettering our own lives if we are willing and able to do the work. For me personally, I am finding a hard time focusing and my mind is hazy (thank you, Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces, for being no help). But don’t beat yourself up if you’re in similar shoes, it all serves an important purpose.

Check back on this specific forecast post on January 1st, as the monthly Horoscopes for Luna Enchanted will be posted!

Monday, December 31st

Naturally, being the last official day of 2018, it’s likely to be reflective of the past year. No matter what happened, the energy of this day will help uplift us and we are able to take pride in what we have accomplished along the way. Mars leaves Pisces and enters it’s home sign of Aries in the evening hours, and it’ll help us to pick up the pace. There is a strong feeling of personal accountability and wanting to grab our lives by the reigns to carry out what we are required to: we are willing to work for what we have our sights on.

Whether you hit the hay early on New Year’s Eve, or decide to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year, Neptune will play a part to deliver profound messages through our dreaming while asleep overnight. It’s also likely to be given a visitation by loved ones who have passed on through your dreams, so pay attention to these gifts.

(Monday’s Aspects: Scorpio Moon sextile Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Mars enters Aries at 9:20PM EST, Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in Pisces)

Tuesday, January 1st

It’s 2019 officially as Tuesday rolls in, and it’s a day that can definitely both test and trick our psyches. It’s crucial to make a conscious effort not to allow ourselves to be controlled by our subconscious mind on autopilot. It’s all a part of the self-renewal and rebirth processes, though emotionally intense, and we need to seek resolutions to our internal baggage and suffering (especially headed towards the upcoming eclipse).

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Scorpio Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio Moon Conjunct Venus, Moon goes void of course at 5:26PM EST)

Wednesday, January 2nd

While it’s common and familiar to want to jump on the “New year, new me” bandwagon with good intent and believe that making drastic changes to habits that are detrimental to ourselves, be mindful not to take on too much at once. That is how new years resolutions cease to succeed, too much pressure and expectation will lead to burn-out and jumping ship. If you do want to use this time (although, there is no law: you can choose to make changes on any damn day of the year that you want to) to make changes, go slow. Start small, and have patience as this is what the energy of Wednesday wants to teach us. And don’t be afraid to ask for help, advice, or support.

Luckily however, the planets are on our side. We are being granted emotional stamina and strength in objectivity and being able to look at the grand bigger picture of what we struggle with, and potentially a fresh change in our own perspectives. We are in the mood to take proactive stances on asserting and implementing such lifestyle changes that will bring positivity to our lives long-term.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Scorpio Moon trine Chiron in Pisces, Capricorn Sun conjunct Saturn, Scorpio Moon quincunx Uranus in Aries, Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:58AM EST, Sagittarius Moon trine Mars in Aries)

Thursday, January 3rd

Having a lot in common with the previous day, the focal point is the changes we are wanting to make. We may be in our feels as Jupiter touches down on the Moon and it is again important to have awareness of not overdoing anything. The practice of moderation is key.

Not only emotionally, but also mentally we can become easily confused thanks to Neptune’s influence over us. This may lead to our exposed vulnerability as we question what is real and what is imagined in our own world view. It can be easy to take offense and things personally depending on how we view the gestures of others.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Jupiter, Sagittarius Moon square Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces)

Friday, January 4th

The energy starts to become gathered Friday in an even more of a fast-paced momentum as we arrive at the day before the New (super)Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, making it a time of hyper-charged intuition and premonitions. It’ll be easy to read the motives of all who you come into contact with as we continue to reap lessons about attachment, releasing, self-validation and resolving buried pain to heal. Throughout this process, remain open and willing to receive blessings from the universe. Let go of self-doubts, the “what if”s and the “Should have”s and walk into open-minded believing. It could feel like an electrical current sensation coursing through the body with the involvement of spunky planet Uranus. You probably won’t sleep well, and yet won’t need the sleep anyway.

(Friday’s Aspects: Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, Sagittarius Moon square Chiron in Pisces, Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus in Aries, Sagittarius Moon conjunct Mercury, Moon goes void of course at 12:41PM EST, Moon enters Capricorn at 1:55PM EST, Capricorn Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn square Mars in Aries, Mercury enters Capricorn at 10:40PM EST)

Saturday, January 5th

The weekend arrives and brings us a plethora of opportunity to wipe our slates clean and start fresh. If you’ve held aspirations in making your passion your career, this New Moon-Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, of all signs, will give you the tools to propel it into reality.

This should be a feel-good day, as this energy will facilitate more self-love and acceptance, boosting our self-worth and a sense of well-deserved pride. Not only that, but we are granted self-discipline, perseverance, and patience in knowing hard work lies ahead and these achievements won’t occur overnight. Our creativity is heightened, along with intuitive/empathic and psychic abilities. This is also a great time to give of yourself to others out of kindness and love.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces, Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn, Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, New Moon exact at 8:28PM EST when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Capricorn, Venus in Scorpio quincunx Uranus in Aries)

Sunday, January 6th

The hangover effect of the New Moon will be strong, and we can find ourselves pretty freaking emotional at the end of this week. It can appear to hit us like a ton of bricks out of virtually nowhere, thus extremely overwhelming. It doesn’t help that Uranus in Aries has now gone direct after a long retrograde, but we will now easily be able to embrace our personal autonomy and uniqueness.

Emotional clarity can return Sunday night, giving us another window of opportunity to heal ourselves and experience epiphanies. Be gentle with yourself, as always, no matter how you’re feeling.

(Sunday’s Aspects: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, Uranus in Aries Direct Station at 3:27PM EST, Capricorn Moon sextile Chiron in Pisces, Capricorn Moon square Uranus in Aries)

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