Art Of Timing: December 10-16th 2018 Astrolocast

This is a really tough time of year for me. I’ve been in my head a lot, and it doesn’t quite help that Chiron stationed direct around 3AM. I’m just white-knuckling through the ride. 

Monday, December 10th

We start the week with luckily having the motivation to grasp opportunities to work on self-healing constructively, with ease and success with the help of zeroing-in on the precise work to do. As the day progresses, we may feel a bit sociable as well as mentally in tune and connected to our feelings: making it an ideal time for deep and meaningful discussions. Our sense of memory is sharpened at this time.

Later on, as the Moon goes void of course, we may experience a rapid shifting of our mood. Thus, watch out for insidious urges to be impulsive. We may be feeling impatient, easily startled, restless and jumpy: making it difficult to relax. The best thing to do is to find calming activities to busy the mind and facilitate a positive distraction.

(Monday’s Aspects: Capricorn Moon sextile Chiron in Pisces, Capricorn Moon sextile Mercury in Scorpio, Capricorn Moon square Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 4:27PM EST, Moon enters Aquarius at 6:39PM EST.)

Tuesday, December 11th

We begin Tuesday with a deep longing for feeling a sense of connection and love opposed to loneliness and isolation we may be dealing with. In order to achieve resolution in this situation, it is crucial to embrace our feelings of discomfort that this can bring. We can really get lost and therefore, stuck in our minds as we will go off exploring topics from the furthest edges of our brain.

Later on, we want a (well deserved) break from our mental straining and can engage in having some fun with our favorite people if we choose to do so. It is a favorable time to catch up with friends you may not have seen in a while.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon square Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Uranus in Aries, Aquarius Moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius.)

Wednesday, December 12th

In the evening, Mercury once again enters philosophical Sagittarius. We get a bit of reprieve on this day with feeling a shift into inner balance, peace and an overall sense of contentment. We have no interest in entertaining any drama.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon sextile Sagittarius Sun, Mercury re-enters Sagittarius at 6:43PM EST.)

Thursday, December 13th

The Moon joins up in a sextile with Uranus on Thursday, in which we could face some excitement and stimulation through life events and personal encounters. Our sense of intuition is heightened with this transit, so be sure to pay close attention to internal clues and cues. 

We may get a bit moody again, argumentative with others resulting from our own internal battling between our thoughts and feelings. It is a good idea to take a break from our hypercritical mind from yet again, distracting ourselves with simple yet practical tasks.

We may again also face the need for feeling a sense of belonging and affection with others and yet simultaneously being a bit paranoid about others motives. Confusion can set in, so be gentle with yourself.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Aquarius Moon sextile Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 5:20AM EST, Moon enters Pisces at 7:40AM EST, Pisces Moon squares Mercury in Sagittarius, Pisces Moon trine Venus in Scorpio, Pisces Moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius.)

Friday, December 14th

On Friday we want to reach out and meet the more practical needs of those we love as a token of our affection and love. When the Moon and Neptune conjunct in the sign of Pisces, our hypersensitive feelings may cause confusion when we are faced with taking on other people’s pain, baggage and bullshit that we are not obligated to take responsibility for. Strong boundaries will need to be enforced today for our own stability and well-being. Without a doubt, this transit will affect those with empathic gifts most significantly. 

Shortly after, however, the Moon conjuncts Mars (which is also in Pisces) which gives us strength and courage to meet the drives to act on staying brave and in charge of our emotions. 

(Friday’s Aspects: Pisces Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Pisces Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces.) 

Saturday, December 15th

We start the weekend with the Moon entering the 2nd quarter waxing phase, marking a good time to act on our plans but not so much a good time to engage in shadow work or the depths of healing our inner pain. Despite that, we can become challenged when we are faced with the resurfacing of buried emotions, provoking intense reactions. This occurrence is a means to acknowledge and validate our painful life experiences while learning that the beauty of timing. We can honor the fact that we can do more inner work when we are more equipped to do so. There is power in admitting vulnerability.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Pisces Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Pisces Moon square Sagittarius Sun, Moon goes void of course at 6:49AM EST, Pisces Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Aries at 7:44PM EST.)

Sunday, December 15th

We wrap up the weekend with both mental and emotional clarity with our feelings and intuition in harmonic balance with our senses of logic and rationality. We are blessed with sound judgement and decision making skills. We freely want to share with others our feelings of joy, compassion and generosity. When feelings of guilt, remorse or sadness potentially crop up, we are able to meet them with love and self-forgiveness. 

(Sunday’s Aspects: Aries Moon trine Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Aries Moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, Aries Moon square Saturn in Capricorn, Aries Moon quincunx Venus in Scorpio.)

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