Emotionally Driven: Weekly Astrolocast November 12-18, 2018 Edition



Last week was completely brutal for me, guys. But good did come out of it as well, despite feeling like the universe literally dragged me. I am now working again in-person at the metaphysical shop Luna Enchanted in Marlboro, NY which I am so happy about. Also, another set of my love horoscopes are going to be posted on brides.com mid-day Monday the 12th (so until then, the link will be broken). I have complete open availability for readings at the moment, so please reach out to me if you’re interested in an appointment! 

Despite the moon being in typically conservative Capricorn on Monday, November 12th; we still are bound to feel an overall heightened sense of emotions and sensitivity. Use these powers of empathy for vibrating higher by tapping into your creativity as it’s likely to experience vibrant powers of the imagination and/or even extrasensory perceptions. Pluto hovers on top of the moon on this day which will definitely trigger deep feelings within us that can be pretty intense to say the least. Painful memories may surface but not to harm us… they serve only as a reminder of life lessons we’ve experienced as well as what we still need to work on moving forward with our lives. Now is a good time to reach out to others and not isolate especially while dealing with these deep thoughts. Connection is vital right now.

(Monday’s aspects: Capricorn moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio sun sextile Capricorn moon)

We begin Tuesday, November 13th feeling relatively cranky and we may not even realize that the core cause is due to the innate feeling of loneliness. We want to be shown appreciation, and maybe a little love and attention wouldn’t be so much to ask for. Two things to potentially look out for are destructive ways of seeking this affection from others, being overindulgent or stirring the pot of drama for seemingly unwarranted circumstances. The thing is, being we all have the ability to be blessed with free will; we have choices. Therefore, we can actually use this desire tugging at us for an opportunity at inner growth via accessing our ability to heal ourselves, thanks to Chiron forming a sextile with the Moon. This energy facilitates healing the baggage of the traumatic wounds we still happen to carry with us if we so choose. Either way, adjustments of your life are needed and are glaringly trying to get your attention this way.

During the day, Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces form a square, so don’t be surprised if brain fog takes over for a bit and leaves you a little less productive than usual. Don’t beat yourself up over it, thoughts and perceptions are going to be easily distorted and it’s confusing as all hell. A big tip I can offer is to take what people say with a grain of salt, and speak briefly, honestly, as well as to the exact point. Conversations can be misconstrued at this time and so, don’t take what is said (or what you think you heard) to heart. Taking things personally because of these scenarios can potentially lead to dramatic emotional reactions and impulsive actions out of fleeting anger due to the Moon forming a square with Uranus not long after. This is definitely a good time to pay extra attention behind the wheel and doing activities that require utmost concentration.
neptune kind of road We are able to end the day on a better note as the Aquarius moon in a sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius lightens the mood and we just want to enjoy ourselves and catch up with people who we care deeply. This is a good time to hold a fun social gathering.

(Tuesday’s aspects: Capricorn moon square Venus in Libra, Capricorn moon sextile Chiron in Pisces, Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, Cancer North Node quincunx Mars in Aquarius, Capricorn moon square Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 10:13AM EST, Moon enters Aquarius at 10:45AM EST, Aquarius moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius)

We are able to feel some emotional reprieve on Wednesday, November 14th because we are given lighthearted energy for the day. This is a good day to hold benevolent conversations that would typically go otherwise. In dealing with opposing viewpoints in topics such as politics, religious views, philosophies, beliefs, and opinions we are able to seek understanding on this day in one another’s perspectives with an open mind. We’re just in a friendly mood, want to keep the good vibes flowing, and wanting to enjoy the company we currently have around us.

(Wednesday’s aspects: Aquarius moon sextile Mercury in Sagittarius, Aquarius moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius)

On Thursday, November 15th the moon is waxing in the 2nd quarter phase. This is an ideal time for making things happen, as in getting off of your ass and getting to work: the key word being action. On this day we are ready for something new and exciting to occur in our lives. It gets draining sometimes just living the same shit, different day monotonous routine everyday. Be spontaneous and go do something unconventional (disclaimer: this isn’t a green light to do anything harmful to you or anybody else, or anything just plain stupid).  If we use the energy of the moon to our advantage, we can even manifest exciting news and blessings… today is the day to do it!

1vgvudWe also may find that we are becoming easily irritated by seemingly minimal less-than-desirable traits of others that can be found downright annoying if we allow these things to take over our entire mood. Take a look at the bigger picture. Perhaps, even, this can be used for an exercise in self-awareness as these annoyances could serve as a mirror to the very traits you possess within you. You can use this time to build upon personal relationships with others (particularly those getting on your nerves) and maybe even come to resolution, mutual understanding and more respect.

Both Mars and the Moon enter Pisces in the evening Thursday. While Mars typically stimulates us physically, Pisces isn’t the most ideal sign for Mars to be in. Instead of physical drives, Mars in Pisces serves us more in the emotional kind of drives. It’s hard to get our bodies moving, but our hearts are a different story. Also, keep in mind that clues from our intuition will be off the charts… tune in, and listen to what your higher self has to say because they will not steer you wrong.

(Thursday’s aspects: Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries, Aquarius moon square Scorpio Sun, Aquarius moon trine Venus in Libra, Mars enters Pisces at 5:21PM EST, Aquarius moon sextile Uranus in Aries, Moon goes void of course at 10:58PM EST, Moon enters Pisces at 11:41PM EST)

Friday, November 16th we’ll be back in our feels but it won’t knock us down. There is strength in embracing our own vulnerability instead of suppressing it. Mars being in Pisces highlights how to use this in turn to help other people and even in honoring our own needs. There is a feeling of acceptance of other people for who they are. Acceptance that we have no control over others, we only have control over our own behavior. There is a maternal energy throughout the day, a nurturing force that gives love freely instead of smothering anyone.

Venus finally stations direct in the sign of Libra in the early hours of the morning. This doesn’t mean we’re off the hook from inner work, because guess what? Mercury retrograde kicks off Friday night in Sagittarius! That’s right, we don’t get a break. The universe has jokes on us. So now as we take what we learned from Venus retro and implement the newfound knowledge into our lives, we also take on the task of re-evaluating our sense of meaning in personal freedom. The themes of Mercury in Sagittarius while retrograde are of being more aware of what we say before just blurting it out, as well as questioning our faith and beliefs we hold both internally and externally.

f0f785d886b20383566d5a6b041889de(Friday’s aspects: Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, Pisces moon square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus direct station in Libra at 5:51AM EST, Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius at 8:33PM EST, Pisces moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn)

The weekend starts with our emotions heightened again but we may feel stressed with a battle between the heart and the mind on Saturday, November 17th. We could engage in an internal debate between feelings and thoughts, easily increasing physical and emotional tension in our body. Don’t suppress your emotions as this will only cause physical symptoms to worsen. Face the issues and your feelings head-on so that you can move forward with your life. Being most likely confused about what to believe and what to act on, the potential solution is to look outside of yourself and your own problems to gain a fresh perspective through helping others.

(Saturday’s aspects: Pisces moon square Mercury in Sagittarius, Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Pisces moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn)

We wrap up the week on Sunday, November 18th feeling more at ease to talk our problems out effectively: no façade or mask needed. Misinterpretation is again something that can potentially occur, so keep your communication clear, direct and honest. We have the ability to really tap into our self-discipline and work hard towards our goals for the future.

Pay close attention to the messages delivered through your dreams lately as the Pisces energy this week (Moon-Mars-Neptune-Chiron) helps us to tap into our intuition as well as helps us to become receptive to messages being sent to us. These messages serve as reminders and vital help as to how we can continue to maintain personal strength and endurance right now in our lives (I don’t know about you, but I could use it) in order to continue our own healing.

d4aeac3336c8382f7ce15583830b0099(Sunday’s aspects: Pisces moon quincunx Venus in Libra, Pisces moon trine Scorpio Sun, Moon goes void of course at 3:04AM EST, Moon enters Aries 10:56AM EST, Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces, Aries moon trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, Aries moon square Saturn in Capricorn)

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