This Week’s Astrolocast October 22-28, 2018: Trusting Timing With This Full Moon In Taurus

This past week has been heavy and sorry to admit, it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Venus retrograde is going full force, we dealt with that Mercury and Mars square getting people all pissy and aggravated, and this is a time for purging a shit-ton of what literally no longer serves us. It ain’t pretty, but it is necessary. The Sun is entering Scorpio Tuesday, and we have the Full Moon in Taurus this week occurring on Wednesday. Venus makes an opposition to the moon and Uranus forms a conjunction so this is bound to make a massive impact on many lives.

On Monday, October 22nd;

We feel a super nagging, annoying and irritating feeling regarding life situations (even monotonous day-to-day routine shit) and this is because of something within a bigger picture. Whatever this may be that crops up for you, it is begging to be addressed… Otherwise the universe wouldn’t be shoving it in your face. This can range from physical/emotional/mental health, tension headaches, anxiety, nervous tension, migrane headaches or anything relating to the impact of stress. There are glimpses of your intuitive awareness leading you to your life’s purpose, if you can look past the distractions of pain and worry. You are being given opportunities on this day to heal your wounds through triggers of people, places and/or things that provoke you and yes, it won’t exactly feel pleasant but be aware that this is all serving a greater purpose for you and feelings of distress will pass. It is our choice with the power of free will whether or not we will suppress or uncover our fears regarding who we are in our cores. We have the decision to make of embracing the vulnerable pieces of our identity or stay clammed up in prideful, unhealthy use of the ego which can harm us in the long run by prolonging the healing and inner growth process.

Be aware of thoughts that could arise with an inner voice discouraging us by “reminding” us of limitations we face. Don’t allow this to drag you down and do not isolate yourself or beat yourself up. Practicing being mindful is key to keeping yourself grounded in the present moment. You might even experience tensions with other people over emotional support, validation or lack thereof which makes isolating oneself appealing. Don’t fall for the trap. Resolution is needed on both ends, but do not shut anyone out without first trying to reach an understanding. There’s also a risk of choosing negative means of escapism besides just unhealthy isolation.

(Monday’s aspects: Pisces moon quincunx Libra sun, Pisces moon conjunct Chiron, moon enters Aries at 2:58AM EST, Sun in Libra quincunx Chiron in Pisces, moon in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn, moon in Aries quincunx Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn)

On Tuesday, October 23rd;

We begin the day with a chance at cooperation and socializing with others but it has potential to quickly escalate if we allow it to do so by internalizing and engaging in self-destructive, impulsive behaviors through emotionally reacting. Don’t give manipulative tactics from other people the time of day and don’t pay any mind in anyone’s head games. Instead, maintain conscious awareness to the best of your ability to focus on positive transformation for yourself. People can be argumentative and moody, in the mood to pick fights just for the sake of entertainment and intolerance for others perspectives… Or so they think. The real issue at hand, which is not your responsibility to fix or help resolve, is an inability to be open-minded and see their own Shadow.

Naturally this energy can bring about feelings of nervousness and anxiety for a lot of us, but at the very best, unexpected good news can occur at this time as well… bringing about a positive type of excitement! Regardless, it’s also a good day to watch out for even the smallest of accidents because we will all feel a bit more clumsy.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Sun enters Scorpio at 7:22AM EST, Aries moon sextile Mars in Aquarius, Aries moon square Pluto in Capricorn, Moon goes void of course at 2:18PM EST, Aries moon quincunx Mercury in Scorpio, Scorpio sun opposition Uranus in Taurus)

On Wednesday, October 24th;

Today is the day of the Full Moon. Perfectionism and obsessive, over-reactive tendencies can overwhelm us on this day. There’s a potential to overdo things, overexert ourselves and/or overindulge. There’s an increasing need for genuine connection with others in our lives, a desire to be loved, valued, acknowledged, understood and validated. We can emulate what we want by giving the same to others.

The lessons surrounding this full moon, an ideal time to release and let go; is to practice detachment to impulsivity. Evaluate how and what to slow down in regards to your own life. This energy may bring about sudden or erratic change to your life but you’re being driven not to overthink this occurrence, simply go with the flow and not fight against the current. Trust your instincts, practice patience (towards yourself especially,) and do not second guess yourself.

Changes can occur in your innermost relationships, financial situation, and even self-worth via self-forgiveness. This is all about comfort versus embracing being uncomfortable for the sake of valuable life transformations, and making changes to the ways we provide self-care to our own beings. Vulnerabilities this week are being completely exposed to show work that still needs to be done. Grab the opportunity this full moon provides to stabilize and feel secure by building on our own personal foundations.

(Wednesday’s aspects: Aries moon quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Moon enters Taurus at 10:33AM EST, Taurus moon conjunct Uranus, Full Moon in Taurus occurs at 12:45PM EST, Taurus moon opposition Venus in Scorpio, Taurus moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn)

On Thursday, October 25th;

We are feeling incredibly sensitive early Thursday morning while coming down from the previous day’s full moon and events that have taken place. Still coming down from so much emotionality, we are obtaining so much information from our dreams at this time. Our intuition is off of the charts, our imaginations are running wild, and we are more apt and inspired to create with this sentimental and compassionate energy.

Later during Thursday night, it is advised to be careful about anger outbursts. Road rage becomes more prevalent, so be careful driving. Take extra precautions to think before you speak. Don’t act on fleeting impulses, and find healthy outlets for cooling down if you find yourself getting heated. If Shadow work can help without triggering more likelihood of an anger outburst, now is a great time to do so. Of course use your discretion because of this particular energy in regards to whether or not this is the time to do so.

(Thursday’s aspects: Taurus moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, Taurus moon square Mars in Aquarius, Taurus moon trine Pluto in Capricorn)

On Friday, October 26th;

Today its likely to want to talk about your feelings but without feeling too open minded or receptive to the input of others. Potentially feeling “all or nothing, black or white” and with no room for releasing the stubborn grip we are holding. We are willing to talk about deep, intense subjects and our future goals we wish to manifest, but we need to learn to be receptive and open to feeling worthy. We again can feel easily offended, and overreact without thinking of the potential consequences. Really slow it down and consider before acting… Play the whole tape through. Incorporating what this week’s full moon is trying to teach us is vital.

We are able to access self-healing if we are willing to choose it even despite the day’s events. We can let go of our emotional baggage and wounds. It doesn’t mean we will miraculously be exempt from setbacks. Life experiences and the process of inner work is a hell of a lot like doing the cha-cha. It’s all part of the dance. Compromise within our own damn selves is needed at this time to feel comfortable in our own skin. Stop beating yourself up and again, be patient with yourself.

(Friday’s aspects: Taurus moon opposition Mercury in Scorpio, Taurus moon opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, Moon goes void of course at 10:49AM EST, Taurus moon sextile Chiron in Pisces, moon enters gemini at 3:41PM EST, Gemini moon quincunx Venus in Scorpio, Gemini moon quincunx Scorpio sun, Gemini moon quincunx Saturn in Capricorn)

On Saturday, October 27th;

We deal with a break from reality accompanied with some hardcore daydreams and any means of escapism are a horrendous idea right now. Bizarre events, feelings, and experiences can occur during this time and we are feeling extremely emotional and sensitive so work hard to take it super easy.

(Saturday’s aspects: Gemini moon square Neptune in Pisces, Scorpio sun sextile Saturn in Capricorn)

On Sunday, October 28th;

We end the weekend by going through another part of the process in emotional releasing and cleansing, making more room for growth opportunities to take place within. We feel overwhelmed with the need to express our emotions so it is an ideal time to let it out with someone reliable and trustworthy. You may feel confused and a trustworthy friend or loved one can help you navigate to the truth and heart of the matter so you don’t read too far into, or misconstrue anything. There is another piece of “overdoing it” to be aware of looking out for and it’s during Sunday afternoon. Grounding yourself will help to curb self-sabotage. We are able to obtain the connection we deeply crave when we open up to those we care about the most.

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