Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? The October 15-21 2018 Astrolocast Is Here


Mood of the upcoming week? Schwing!

Monday, October 15th
We begin Monday with the ability to sit down and talk about serious subjects because we are all feeling generally receptive to one another; our conversations are bound to have depth to them and we focus on what really matters most to us with a mutual understanding of each other’s perspectives. We are able to exude compassion for one another and actually care about the duties, obligations and fulfilling purposes of others as well as advice, thoughts and input on important topics of the conversation(s). It’ll be a productive morning, and we’ll be bound to feel pretty good about ourselves, our accomplishments and wanting to connect with others in combination of both work and play. It’s easy to trust our friends and loved ones more at this time and make ride-or-die connections. This is also a great day to verbally express affections for the most important people in your life, as it’s an opportunity given to us to improve new or current relations with people, platonic or otherwise with the use of caution and common sense (Venus is still retrograde!).

Along with increased productivity, we feel a creative spark and are able to sit down and think of more long-term goals to work on manifesting and bringing to life. Our hard work is paying off, whether we see it, realize it, or not. It may take a bit of a motivational push to get started though as Neptune is thrown into the mix… don’t fall into complacency!

(Monday’s Aspects: Capricorn moon sextile Mercury in Scorpio, Capricorn moon sextile Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio, Capricorn moon sextile Neptune in Pisces)

Tuesday, October 16th
Today the moon enters the first quarter, waxing phase. This isn’t necessarily a good time to engage in shadow work. It is more for putting plans into action with accelerated energies this moon phase brings about. This proves challenging as on this day, psychologically, pain will be triggered and we will want to get to the source of it for healing purposes, but it’s best not to address it at this time. Honor the feelings, don’t suppress them, but now is merely a time to observe. It could make us moody and feeling down. Allow yourself to feel it, it’s going to pass.

Along with this, we may find people easily getting on our nerves. It’ll be easy to feel irritated and agitated. These are tests, all involving a battle between the over-compensation of the ego versus honoring our personal vulnerabilities as well as being honest about it. Blow ups could occur, and again, honesty about how you’re feeling is the best route to go. The moon enters its void of course in the evening and there’s a desire to put the events of the day behind you. It’s not too late, you can still enjoy the day. You have choices, you have free will. You can set the reset button whenever you wish to.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Capricorn moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Libra sun square Capricorn moon, Capricorn moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, Moon goes void of course at 5:49PM EST)

Wednesday, October 17th
On this day we are able to face our emotional turmoil and baggage that we wish to process, get past, and integrate in a positive fashion where we won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed over it. The moon enters Aquarius in the early morning, giving our emotional processes a quirky, eccentric, brilliant, humanitarianism-centered vibe.

It’s advised to exercise caution on this day because we will experience impulsivity, mood swings, erratic anger, inaccurate over-reactions and snap judgements, and reacting in ways we could later learn to regret. The hostile feelings are quickly fleeting and it’s advised to take things said and done towards you with a grain of salt. Keep yourself grounded and centered. People are feeling grouchy and want to retaliate so be especially careful while driving and other tasks the require complete focus and calm.

There is also an increased neediness on this day for love and affection but a disconnect of sorts gets in the way. We may feel lonesome, isolated, alone, and misunderstood. We may be prone to mindless self-indulgence and addictive behaviors if we aren’t consciously mindful of our actions and it’s hard to feel motivated to do much of anything. There’s a vital lesson for this day which is all relationships take work on both parties. Reach out to check on those you care about.

(Wednesday’s Aspects: Capricorn moon sextile Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Aquarius at 3:36AM EST, Aquarius moon square Uranus in Taurus, Aquarius moon square Venus in Scorpio)

Thursday, October 18th
We are apt to feel tension between the head and the heart on this day,  a war of sorts occurring… logic versus emotions. There are going to be disagreements about what others are doing: stay in your lane and focus on yourself because this is definitely a horrible time to try to deliver unsolicited advice. (When is there ever a good time for that, though?)

when-people-give-me-unsolicited-parenting-advice-ramblin-mama-iwanna-24610871At the same time, we may be feeling particularly brave, strong, and courageous but in a mode of fight or flight… so don’t poke the bear. It’s bound to provoke someone ready for a fight, ready to protect whatever they feel obligated to protect. The guard is up and people are feeling feisty so find some kind of healthy outlet for all of this pent-up crazy energy or things could get ugly.

(Thursday’s Aspects: Aquarius moon square Mercury in Scorpio, Aquarius moon conjunct Mars in Aquarius)

Friday, October 19th
This is a morning where we may be able to see things in a more realistic and clear light and perceiving events accurately. We are able to obtain and create sound judgement using equal parts of logic as well as feelings and intuition. We are able to get creative as our imagination becomes sparked and inspired, while we begin to feel more sensitive to our surroundings, spiritually minded and sentimental. It’s not a great time to focus on entirely logical tasks however.

Later on in the morning we run the risk of overindulging ourselves due to emotional overwhelm. We may begin to worry about the grass being greener on the other side… cut that bullshit right out because you know it’s head games. It’s self-deception and it could come from not feeling good enough, personal inadequacies and insecurities. Self-work needs to be done, and maybe even go and help others through service in your community to build yourself up. You’ll be given the opportunity to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

The moon goes void of course in the morning and entering the afternoon, we start feeling rushed and impatient as we may have racing thoughts. Impulsivity and aggressiveness returns to the collective energies: people will again feel short-tempered, over-reactive, jumpy, aggressively disputing mundane ‘issues’, and general hostility. Again, excercise caution driving and think twice before you speak.

before-you-speak-think-is-it-true-is-it-helpful-6102544The moon enters Pisces in the evening, and we start feeling more dreamlike, imaginative, emotional, compassionate, sentimental and spiritual. We get the chance to try something new and spontaneous for fun. We might have some chance encounters where new windfall-like opportunities can happen for us if we are open and willing to receiving the gift from the universe.

(Friday’s Aspects: Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, Aquarius moon square Jupiter in Scorpio, Libra sun trine Aquarius moon, Moon goes void of course at 8:27AM EST, Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius, Moon enters Pisces at 4:20PM EST, Pisces moon sextile Uranus in Taurus)

Saturday, October 20th
We start to feel particularly protective of loved ones beginning early on in the weekend, taking care of practical needs as well as emotional needs. We are not too social despite feeling loving, affectionate, receptive and patient. This is another good opportunity to tap into your creative side. Our sensitivities will be heightened as well as our empathic and intuitive abilities. Remember to enforce your personal boundaries!

(Saturday’s Aspects: Pisces moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Pisces moon trine Venus in Scorpio, Pisces moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

Sunday, October 21st
Again, exposure of deeply buried emotions, traumatic memories and wounds for a learning and healing experience come up to the surface of our minds. It’s time for a rebirth and personal renewal of your mental processes and a clearing of your emotional processes and baggage. It’ll be intense but worth it as it’s a powerful subconscious cleansing.

The moon enters void of course at 7:47PM EST and at this time we end the weekend on a note of feeling benevolent, generous, friendly, open, and able to communicate honestly. We have an intrinsic yearning to help others who are less fortunate and to give pieces of our happiness to others to share and in return, come together with others for the good of the world.

(Sunday’s Aspects: Pisces moon trine Mercury in Pisces, Pisces moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Pisces moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio, Moon enters void of course at 7:47PM EST until entering Aries at 2:58AM EST on October 22nd)


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