New Moon In Libra And Weekly Astrolocast: October 8-14 Edition



Monday, October 8th; New Moon in Libra
We have the ability today to gain a new perspective and a new, eccentric kind of drive in which to view things. No longer do we care about people pleasing, this New Moon in 15 degrees Libra is just like what the scales represent: a balance to strive for self-care. It’s time to focus on you, and I’ve been saying this for weeks as the pressure keeps building. Stop neglecting yourself, because there is potential to keep doing just that. Choose if you’re the victim of your story or the victor. 

This New Moon involves a square to Pluto in Capricorn, a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces and conjunction to asteroid Ceres. This is an intense time for breaking destructive and detrimental patterns… destroying the cycle(s) of dysfunction from which stem from your lineage. Venus, the ruler of Libra has recently gone retrograde and has its own influence over this New Moon, revolving around themes of connection to others and to our own selves. Ceres, the asteroid much like the moon in its representation is interpreted as maternal, nurturing, loving and sympathetic and these qualities are highlighted within us. This could be a time for a bit of an identity and/or existential crisis because we’re confused with the juggling act of trying our best to balance the energies we are faced with: questioning ourselves and wracking our minds with ‘Who am I?‘. This can very well be associated with our senses of self-worth. It’s another time of yet again, relinquishing the need for perfectionism and control… let it go. This only increases the false feeling of helplessness. New Moons are the perfect time for new beginnings, and a fresh start to setting intentions of what we desire in our lives.

(Monday’s Aspects: Libra moon square Saturn in Capricorn, Libra moon trine Mars in Aquarius, Libra moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces, Libra moon conjunct Asteroid Ceres)

Tuesday, October 9th
Mid-morning, we are being given a great opportunity to look at our wounding from a viewpoint of deep understanding. We come to realize that it all serves a specific purpose and we are able to take moments to make peace with our past experiences and traumas through engaging with our inner child. Mercury enters Scorpio on this day and our minds shift to investigation, instigation, calculative thinking, mental sharpness and intensity, honest depth, and potentially possessiveness as well as jealousy in terms of the mind and its inner workings. This is also a time to have deeper and more profound conversations with others.

(Tuesday’s Aspects: Moon goes void of course at 4:50AM EST, Libra moon square Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Libra quincunx Chiron in Pisces, Mercury enters Scorpio at 8:40PM EST)

Wednesday, October 10th
The moon enters Scorpio at 12:09AM EST. In terms of emotional processing and expression, things become less superficial and lighthearted, and more serious and meaningful. Early on during this day we have an even keel mindset and our heart and head agree and appear to be working in synchronization. Our intuitive nudges are off the charts at this time so it’s vital to listen to your gut instincts and vibes you receive.

We come to discover an internal quarrel of debating what we value more: personal security versus releasing the need for control in our lives, to be truly free from what binds us to feeling stagnant and frankly, miserable. But it’s our comfort zones that we find so hard to break out of. Take time to ponder what truly matters to you in life. It’s time to take personal accountability and self-discipline yourself to claim your slip-ups and mistakes. Where you’ve been wrong. Own it, and make the needed amends.

Take the time needed to work on re-wiring your mindset through practicing new thought techniques and patterns to alter your brain’s neuroplasticity. Speak your real truth out into existence.

We may come across a time during this day where we encounter manipulative energies. This is an opportunity to learn from this particular situation about attachment, emotional involvement and what is really worth giving your energy away to. Do not allow yourself to be shaken or taken off guard. Don’t engage in jealousy, blowing things out of proportion, or letting your insecurities get the better of you. Focus on building yourself up and maintaining confidence.

(Wednesday Aspects: Moon enters Scorpio at 12:09AM EST, Scorpio moon conjunct Mercury, Scorpio moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio opposition Uranus in Taurus, Scorpio moon square Mars in Aquarius, Scorpio moon conjunct Venus, Mercury in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius)


Thursday, October 11th
We begin Thursday with the motivated desire to heal ourselves and help to heal others. This is a time of high sympathetic vibrations, strong emotions, heightened imagination and intuition, and altruism. This is a great time for looking deeply at our not-so-desirable personality traits and learning lessons on what we can do to better our lives. Knowing there are answers to why we are the way we are with self-knowledge and understanding is the opportunities we are being presented with. We are deeply seeking these answers and we are in a sense worried about the events of the future. Try your best to keep grounded in the present moment.

(Thursday Aspects: Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, Scorpio moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon goes void of course at 7:12PM EST)

Friday, October 12th
Be sure not to take things too relaxed today, as there is a tendency to slack off and be lazy, not getting a whole lot accomplished which only makes us feel low and uninspired. Change up your routine to get back up on your feet and stay on track. Watch out for being snappy towards authority figures, power struggles are a particular thing that could occur today. If we use these energies to our best benefit, we can look at our current life situational issues from an outsider’s perspective. Take time to see the bigger picture of it all, and take time for self-love. We want to engage in feeling free and independent, we desire to acquire more knowledge and take chances in adventures whether mental or physical. But again, we need to look out for the ability to go to extremes of being too easy-going, free-spirited or flexible, opposed to rigid, stubborn and unwilling to bend to reach a compromise.

(Friday Aspects: Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:53AM EST, Moon in Sagittarius quincunx Uranus in Taurus)

Saturday, October 13th
Today we give no fucks, we allow our freak flags to fly freely and we are who we are unapologetically, our true authentic selves with no masks on. We feel comfortable to let our guards down and refuse to entertain facades as we enter the company of our soul tribes… those we value the most in our lives who accept us and love us unconditionally. We may feel confused about our faith during this weekend, again a bit of existential crisis washes over us and we feel conflicted spiritually where we again question the meaning of our lives. But this doesn’t prevent us from appreciating the beauty in the world surrounding us. This is a great time to get out and enjoy the fall foliage outside. Get out and enjoy serene mother nature.

(Saturday Aspects: Moon in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius sextile Sun in Libra, Moon goes void of course at 8:58PM EST)


Sunday, October 14th
We carry over a bit of the existential dread from the day prior, testing the limits of our personal faith. This soon washes over and feelings of calm and collectiveness enters. We become more focused on getting work done. We shift our focus on becoming more organized and on more practical, logical matters, becoming more serious-minded and determined to complete the tasks needed to move forward with our important feelings of duty and purpose.

(Sunday Aspects: Moon in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Capricorn at 3:17PM EST, Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn)

Thus, the theme revolving around this upcoming week kicked off by the Libra New Moon is that of re-learning to be comfortable in our own skin. We need to continue to be gentle to ourselves and to one another.

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