The Weekly Astrolocast -October 1-7, 2018- Venus Goes Retrograde: Things Aren’t Always As They Appear.

I can’t shake physical exhaustion lately, and today it’s mental as well. This week was hard to say the least and not just for me, pretty much everybody I came across had some shit going down: internally, externally, or both. Pluto just went direct last night and we are still feeling the swift change of Pluto’s direction; and now Venus is getting ready to retrograde this Thursday. But hey- at least it’s October now, that’s my favorite month so I can rejoice. Venus in Scorpio, the retrograde potential, summed up in an internet quote: fall-trees-e1475276635483

This post may be all of over the place so I apologize in advance on behalf of my brain today. Here we go.Today: Monday, October 1st

It could be a tough little Monday today folks if we get trapped in our minds, not going to lie about it. The moon is in Gemini, void of course but still making what are considered ‘minor’ aspects (‘horse shit’ to me, ‘scuse my French because a square to Chiron in my opinion isn’t minor) until ingressing into Cancer this afternoon. There is definitely an energy influencing how easy it can be to run with thoughts of self-doubt if we aren’t careful. There’s no need to keep entertaining this shit and letting it ruin your day so my advice is that when you catch yourself, do something different about it. Make a change… start with how you’re talking to yourself and in baby steps dude. No need to go all drastic and you know why? You could end up putting way too much pressure on yourself and then end up back to this spot, or worse off than before in how you feel about yourself. Take it slow and take it easy on yourself because there is also a good chance we aren’t even sure which direction to take at this point of our lives lately. Feeling potentially discouraged, like our efforts at bettering ourselves aren’t even paying off so “why bother continuing”?

So you see what this is? It’s the demand for instant gratification dolled up with a pretty bow in its hair. We live in a society that wants what it wants, when it wants it, dammit. If I can’t get it right this very second, fuck it. I don’t want it anymore. Why are we in such a rush? You’re not going to heal if you rush the process instead of trusting it. Healing is a process, and it’s not linear. Get the idea of how it’s supposed to go, according to you, your friends or your cousin Jim out of your mindset and roll with it. Take this opportunity to figure out ways of adjusting how you care for yourself.

This evening, stagnation returns. We may lack motivation and feel plain down and craptastic. What are we resisting? This is a time to get serious in figuring out what requires completion as far as things needing to get done, as well as who requires your love and care (including yourself).

(Monday Aspects: Gemini moon quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio, Gemini moon square Chiron in Pisces, Moon enters Cancer 2pm EST, Cancer moon sextile Uranus in Taurus, Cancer moon opposition Saturn in Capricorn)

Tuesday, October 2nd

Feeling some isolation today for sure… we want to be a part of the group, we want to fit in, but we are struggling to b heard or even to interact to begin with because of feeling socially awkward despite desire to belong. Sure, it can be disappointing when you realize you can only validate yourself and nobody else can save you at first. Then it becomes empowering… allow that.

When the moon squares the sun, it’s a fourth quarter moon. When the moon is in the fourth quarter waning position it’s an ideal time to use this energy to have awareness and reflect on the direction your life is headed. With the Cancer moon and the Libra sun being the signs involved, it’s the battle of fighting superficiality. There is a good chance that you just don’t have time for the bullshit anymore. You crave deeper connections and conversations. There’s just no more room to listen to small talk, you yearn to get down to what matters. The waning moon is also an ideal time to dive into shadow work.

You’re being tested to trust in yourself and those you love the most today in preparation for Venus retrograde kicking off this week. It’s to help facilitate feeling emotionally secure and getting to those deeper, more typically uncomfortable conversations without judgements. This way, you can use your energy in loving and nurturing ways to bring more benevolence to the world around you. Emotional security doesn’t mean you aren’t ‘permitted’ to feel low, and everything has to be unicorn farts all of the time, because that isn’t reality. There’s no need to wear a mask and pretend all is well when it truly isn’t. Own your shit, be who you are because on Tuesday night, we’ll be met with a little bit of harshness. Again with the sluggish, nagging feeling of “stuck”. This could be again, resistance. An emotional blockage of sorts… have the courage to quit judging and allow yourself to feel and process so you can integrate all of it and finally emerge from what is weighing you down.

Be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. Learn to beat to your own damn drum and enjoy it, it’s awesome to embrace your own perspectives as well as the perspectives of others even especially if they are different from your own.

(Tuesday Aspects: Cancer moon quincunx Mars in Aquarius, Cancer moon square Sun in Libra, Cancer moon trine Venus in Scorpio, Cancer moon trine Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn, Cancer moon opposition Saturn in Capricorn, Cancer moon square Mercury in Libra)

Wednesday, October 3rd

In the morning we experience the depths of our emotional beings, going down the rabbit hole of what makes us tick. This is all about self-analysis and therefore, awareness to bring self-compassion and understanding. We help ourselves and nurture ourselves to in turn provide the same for others, because you cannot pour from an empty cup as the saying goes. We begin to see potential in appreciating our environmental influences on our overall psyches and how to intuitively tap into our core wounds to alleviate them.

When the evening approaches, we begin to wonder “what about me”? We begin to dive into our childhood “ego injuries”. We are faced with energies that shake up our stubbornness… we are faced with the decision of choosing willingness to bend and relax our grip a bit or stay stuck in a state of no growth. Do you want the tension to last? No? Then get to work.

Again, I say all of the time that perfection does not exist. And realizing that is not always a pretty experience of reality. But even though we may feel uncomfortable accepting this fact doesn’t mean we cease to have the acceptance instead of resistance. You have to come to terms with the fact that you are the boss of your life’s journey. Stop being the extra in the film… you are the director and you are the star. This is a time to re-gain the control of what you do know you can in your life.

(Wednesday Aspects: Cancer moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio, Cancer moon trine Chiron in Pisces, Moon ingresses into Leo at 5:12pm EST, Leo moon square Uranus in Taurus, Leo moon quincunx Saturn in Capricorn)

Thursday, October 4th

Earlier in the day, we develop an inner battle of me versus we in the sense of how we feel and what we desire to do with our lives. We truly do not want to harm anybody intentionally or unintentionally so it is about choosing carefully what can be the best possible outcome: the lesser of the evils to achieve what we want to accomplish. This could lead us to feeling emotionally and even physically insecure and inadequate; picking ourselves apart and it really, truly serves no good purpose at all. We battle acceptance of who we are and our ability to love ourselves again. Now is not the time to engage in forms of escape via watching somebody else’s drama go down. This isn’t the time to sip the tea, focus on your own shit. Stay away from the meaningless, vapid gossip. Keep grounded, it’s easy to lose our footing today but know that this is temporary. Venus retrograde follows…

(Thursday Aspects: Leo moon opposition Mars in Aquarius, Leo moon square Venus in Scorpio, Leo moon sextile Sun in Leo, Leo moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces)

Friday, October 5th


Today, Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde. I touched on this during the shadow period, and this has only magnified drastically. It is advised not to make any kind of drastic changes to our physical appearances, as they tend to not go as planned. Venus is the planet concerning finances, romantic interests and relationships, as well as inner and outer beauty both concerning ourselves, others, and even inanimate objects. This retrograde period serves the purpose for us to revisit, reflect, and revise all of these areas of our lives as we see fit. Scorpio inhabiting the planet of love and beauty is the perfect time to engage in shadow work. What’s shadow work? In a nutshell, shadow work is revisiting our traumas and not-so-desirable parts of ourselves that remain unresolved and fragmented. I will let you dive into the world of Teal Swan, whose teachings I personally get a lot out of for more insight into shadow work.

The kickoff of Venus retrograde deals in turn with a hell of a lot of fixed quality energies: the Moon in Leo, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Uranus in Taurus. The moon’s nodes are in Leo and Aquarius, too. We are going to be pulled to focus on our inner strength and stamina during this time period, particularly and especially emotionally. The only one who can help, heal and save you, is you. You need to realize that you are your own hero, your own knight in shining armor and nobody else ever will be. If you believe there is, you are believing in an illusion. This is about taking responsibility for your life.

The early evening on Friday becomes a little easier going and relaxing. You get to give your mind a break, so break out a gratitude list. Start writing and shifting your focus on the good things in your life right now. Have appreciation for what you have. This is particularly great to pull out when insecurities pop into your mind space. Pull out those affirmations. Believe in yourself. Venus retro can also bring about making necessary changes to your health routines and regimen…exploration of new routes to physical healing.

(Friday Aspects: Leo moon quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, Leo moon square Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus Rx at 3:04pm, Leo moon quincunx Chiron Pisces, Moon enters Virgo 7:19pm after going void of course at 7:34am EST)

Saturday, October 6th

We enter Saturday with seriousness and determination to make needed adjustments and plan accordingly to our daily routine. But we are able to implement these changes with some degree of flexibility and adaptability to go with the flow. We have to learn not to cling to the worry of the outcome in our heads… let it go, roll with the punches. We embrace a pretty positive outlook (if we allow it) with a realistic perspective touch to it all. We want to declutter our lives thanks to Venus retrograde in Scorpio beginning this week. We want to rid ourselves of what no longer serves us in any and every single form imaginable. We’re purging ourselves out all of the toxicity in every aspect possible.

(Saturday’s Aspects: Virgo moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, Virgo moon quincunx Mars in Aquarius, Virgo moon sextile Venus in Scorpio, Virgo moon opposite Neptune in Pisces)

Sunday, October 7th

We can find a bit of difficulty focusing on Sunday, becoming yet again distracted by the negative committee that inhabit our thoughts from time to time. Don’t believe the hype… and don’t invalidate yourself. Find balance… seek guidance from the divinity of the universe. Stick to the routines that work best for you under the lunar Virgo energy, as your mental wellbeing is vital to all of your being. The moon goes void of course this morning and it makes it hard to do much of anything. That’s perfectly alright, sometimes we need some laziness on a Sunday to chill and enjoy, so don’t push yourself to do anything right now.

Sunday night we begin to feel isolated and inadequate, we feel like we are truly disconnected from everyone and everything. We are dealing with wounding and traumatic memories. This is a time to tap into the meaning of these being brought to you. Get it out, feel it, process it. You’re making great progress so don’t stop now.

(Sunday Aspects: Virgo moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, Moon goes void of course at 10:03am after the Virgo moon sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio, Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces, Virgo moon opposite Chiron in Pisces, Moon ingresses into Libra at 9:10pm EST, Libra moon quincunx Uranus in Taurus)

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