The Forecast Located Entirely In Between The Aries Full Moon and Pluto Direct Station – The Phoenix Rises: September 25-30, 2018-

I am so sorry guys, it’s been one hell of a day. Tuesday has come and gone (hello there, 8:30pm) and although not much actually happened, enough happened to render me pretty much useless. I have a couple of chronic pain issues (Hey there, I happen to have Capricorn as my dominant sign and I have a tenth house stellium with some afflicted aspects to those particular planets: my Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. My problems revolve around my bones and joints.) and today wasn’t a fun one because they flared up. I am in pain typing this right now, but dammit, I am going to get this done. The life of a spoonie. Not to mention I am totally feeling a hangover from last night’s full moon in Aries. What a doozy that was. Okay anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new format I will be experimenting with on my blog forecasts. I’d love to hear your feedback, contact me!
Today’s feels… Tuesday, September 25th…
Absolutely majority of us are still feeling the effects of the full moon because today, we are still dealing with the energy of the T-square between the sun, moon and Saturn. We are intertwined with the lessons of having to pick up the pieces of our lives; taking personal accountability and responsibility for your decision (or indecision, whichever you chose) to actively participate in your healing and growth. But we are motivated, being given the emotional drives to step into our power and take pride in ourselves, as well as facilitating the idea that healing our inner selves helps in baby steps to heal the collective.

You may be prone to tension headaches (I battled one all day), and naturally this can make us a bit irritable. Make it a point to drink more water, do relaxing activities, meditate… the key is self-care and prioritizing your own well-being. We continue working on self-love and if you’re like me, this played a massive part of how I was affected by last night’s full moon and what I need to work on. We want to take better care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually but old habits die-hard. Knowing the path ahead doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy… awareness is important but so is consistency in the effort of making the needed changes happen. Where are we unbalanced in life? Saturn plays a big part lately in the universal energies and Saturn today moves us to look at what is off kilter within ourselves: inside and out. What’s actually within your control and what isn’t? The answer is in how we behave, how we react, and how we treat others. You can’t control how another person acts, you can only control how you act.

Chiron just went back into Pisces at 8:09pm EST tonight, after being in Aries for a bit (Chiron remains retrograde), having just been conjunct the full moon last night. We are now revisiting our spiritual wounds, some which have been buried deep in our subconscious mind. Take this opportunity to reach out and speak gently to your inner child, show love… because your inner child is you.


(Today’s aspects: Aries moon square Saturn in Capricorn, Aries moon sextile Mars in Aquarius, Aries moon opposition Mercury in Libra, Aries moon quincunx Venus in Scorpio, Libra sun square Saturn in Capricorn. Today, Chiron re-entered Pisces.)

Wednesday, September 26th…
Tomorrow may be a little harsh, but for good reasons. Residual trauma illuminated by the full moon two nights ago resurfaces and is smack-front and center of our awareness in the morning. We need answers, we are searching for deeper meaning in our resolution. There is a silver lining to all of this, but we don’t seem to want to stop the intense searching for answers. This is definitely a day for expanding upon our inner knowledge and we know what we have to personally improve on. We have the intuitive power to tap into in order to figure out the “how?” of it all.

(Wednesday’s aspects: Moon in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, moon goes void of course at 6:28am EST, Moon in Aries quincunx Jupiter in Scorpio)

Thursday, September 27th…
We begin the day when the moon enters Taurus, which heightens our desire to engage in life’s pleasures. We are more apt to appreciate (and perhaps overindulge in) good food, sentimentality, and relaxation. When the moon is in Taurus, what’s the rush? Take some time to smell the roses. Slow and steady wins the race like in the tortoise and the hare story goes. We are in it to win it but we know that everything happens in divine universal timing, and we continue to work on our ever-developing trust in it. We spend this day working towards bettering ourselves and the morning is filled with feeling emotional stability, clarity and fulfillment. It’s a day of juggling the pros and cons of dedicating more time to focusing on yourself and your needs.


Later on in the day, we could turn to nitpicking on our personal flaws. Mentally it is vital to find a way out of potential self-sabotaging thoughts in the making. Work to shift your mindset… it won’t take overnight, nothing is a quick fix. You need to consistently work at something to make a change in a habit that is ingrained in you, like your thoughts. Just continue working on yourself so positive thoughts about yourself become more of the habitual ones to surface.

(Thursday’s aspects: Moon ingresses into Taurus @3:16am EST, Taurus moon conjunct Uranus, Moon in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn, Taurus moon quincunx Libra sun, Taurus moon square Mars in Aquarius, Sun in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus opposition Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus quincunx Mercury in Libra)

Friday, September 28th…
Friday morning is an ideal time to tap into manifestation of what goals we aspire to achieve. Continue to show appreciation and gratitude to the universe. Also, we may again be feeling the need to hang onto things that have sentimental value to us. We feel more confident in ourselves today, able to pick ourselves up and build on our own strengths, believing in our own gentle self affirmations. Later on during the evening on Friday, we need to watch out when Jupiter expands upon our compulsion to overindulge. Mindfulness is key in order to avoid regret of our actions at this time.

(Friday’s aspects: Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, Moon in Taurus opposition Jupiter in Scorpio, Moon goes void of course @6:36pm EST)

Saturday, September 29th…
We start off Saturday morning feeling pretty good. Things are calm, and we feel content with ourselves and our surroundings. We feel more talkative when the moon shifts into the sign of Gemini. Despite it being early for a Saturday, our minds are sharp and we have clarity of our minds. You’re thinking clearly, easily able to communicate and understand others so this is a great morning to talk about important matters.


We seem to have a teeter-totter battle this day, however due to when the early afternoon approaches, we over think and tap into a bit of our insecurities. We begin whirling into scarcity mindset and that we aren’t enough, we don’t have enough, and we will never be adequate or fulfilled in what we seek and these thoughts creep in so insidiously. Once you spot this occurring within yourself, you need to nip it in the bud and confront it immediately so it is addressed so that you can work to release these limiting beliefs. Do not suppress them, because they will never stay buried, you will continue to be haunted by your insecurities. Face them head on. Deal with your fears or they will destroy you. Maybe spend some time working on your perspective: understanding why you see things from your point of view. Use it for a form of artsy expression, or another healthy outlet.

(Saturday’s aspects: Pluto in Capricorn is slowing down to station direct on Sunday, Moon in Taurus sextile Chiron in Pisces, Moon ingresses into Gemini @9:26am, Moon in Gemini quincunx Saturn in Capricorn, Moon in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini trine Sun in Libra)

PLUTO DIRECT STATION DAY. Sunday, September 30th…
Today is the day that after five months retrograde, Pluto once again stations direct. Five days after Pluto station direct, Venus goes retrograde in the sign Pluto rules: Scorpio. Relations with others are being majorly overhauled and re-evaluated: what no longer serves us, what we really need in friendships, romance and everyone else. It’s a time of contemplation: Who do you really want in your circle?

This is certainly not a time to be sweeping things under the rug. Do not be afraid to open up dialogs when necessary. Cut wishy-washy bullshit and say what you mean to say… get it all out in the open! Learn to assert yourself and define your boundaries. You are not a pushover, nor a damn doormat. We may also be having some confusion of what is legit versus what isn’t. Are we resisting growth? If this is so, what can we do to resolve it? It’s a time for introspection as well.

Luckily our logic and emotions are on the same team on the playing field on this day, working together in synchronization. We have clear definitions of who we know we are, and we are confident in that fact. This is the time taken to re-evaluate the finale of Pluto retrograde. It’s about a time of mentally coming to terms with your own self-will and addressing the illusion of control in self-specified areas of your life.


Pluto stations direct at 10:03pm EST. This time period is a catalyst for being the bearer of truth. These truths are becoming more prevalent for our awareness and it’s about time we learned to take action on what we have gained during the last five months. We have gained higher understanding of our own cycles of death and rebirth; like a phoenix rising from the ashes reborn… we are being given opportunity to rebuild areas of our lives that we’ve been reflecting on and needing to make lasting changes in.

(Pluto stations direct @10:03pm EST, Moon in Gemini quincunx Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Gemini trine Mercury in Libra, Moon in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Capricorn)

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