More About This Powerful Aries Full Moon – Embracing Vulnerability – September 24, 2018

I guess you can say I channeled a message today. This weekend, I’ve been hit hard with what I can only refer to as the build up to tomorrow’s full moon. It’s pretty much indescribable what I’ve been experiencing. I feel like I’m going nuts. That being said, I wrote a shit-ton of thoughts today. And now I have time to share them here.

Typically, the Aries archetype isn’t generally one of the twelve signs of the zodiac that we associate with vulnerability. Aries is the first sign (of all twelve), the first cardinal sign (of the four), and is ruled by the planet Mars which is known for being described as the warrior, the fighter, the act-now-think-later energy. Think about it though: think about the energies involved during this, starting with the sign of Aries and what we associate with the planetary bodies in astrology… The moon. The moon rules Cancer and is the embodiment of the mother, nurturing, and to a great degree emotional vulnerability; even when Cancer retreats to her shell.

The full moon, which is in Aries tomorrow night, is in conjunction with the wounded healer (and I’ve also discovered an astrologer referring to as the shaman which I love) Chiron. The Libra sun, Aries full moon, and Saturn in Capricorn are in a T-square, Mercury in Libra squares Saturn… And I can sit here all night and day talking about every aspect involved. (This full moon is a biggie and I fucking feel it.) I always find Chiron incredibly significant, as well as the moon’s nodes. (I actually aspire greatly to have Chiron’s glyph tattooed on my wrist/forearm, like my own rendition of project semicolon… That’s the significance it holds for me.) I spend a hell of a lot of time honing in on these natal placements on people’s chart readings that I provide.

The full moon forms a trine to the North Node in Leo, and a sextile to both the South Node and Mars in Aquarius which shows where we’ve been unconsciously piecing together what we need to do in order to move forward with our lives, we’ve felt stagnant and guess what? The unconscious is surfacing up to consciousness now. Leave it to the full moon being in the pioneer sign of Aries to bring that shit front and center of our awareness. It’s time to face your demons.

Yes… Aries, vulnerable? …really? Yes. The moon placement of Aries pulls the vulnerability out into the open. It’s a courageous vulnerability, this dog doesn’t have his tail between his legs. (However, don’t get it twisted, I never have and never will view vulnerability as a weakness what-so-ever. I used the dog tail analogy as the perception many hold that vulnerability has two sides- weak and strong. This doesn’t even exist in my perception. Vulnerability is always a step of courage in my book).

The Aries full moon declares: This is who I AM. I don’t need you to like me. I need me to like me. Conjunct Chiron, we are dealing here with energies surrounding deep, early, primal childhood pain in association with our identity (the mantra for Aries: I am). This pain is surfacing, or for many of us (hello there), resurfacing as this full moon draws closer. No more running. Feel it, embrace how you feel. Process how you feel. Allow yourself this so you can finally integrate it and transmute the pain into empowerment for yourself and perhaps even inspiring those around you.

But make no mistake: validation must come from you and you alone. Otherwise, you did not use the opportunity that these energies are providing you in this present moment to radically change your stance on self-love and self-acceptance.

I have opened myself up many, many times and I continue to do so… I’ve always said I’m completely transparent, I’m an open book. I don’t even have to say anything, people can read me instantly. My energy, it’s ridiculously obvious… It’s kind of shit position to be in sometimes. In most cases I’ve experienced in my life, I’ve deeply regretted confirming things perceived about me due to being met with things such as harsh judgements, rejection, and I let it destroy me time and time again. I allowed it because I struggled with the idea of loving myself for as long as I can remember.

And I’m not going to sit here and lie to everyone on social media and pretend I’m suddenly flawless now. I continue to struggle some days with self-love and my sense of self-worth. I consider myself a spiritual person, but I’m not going to sit here and plaster a sugarcoating, superficial “love and light” bypassing bullshit parade around. We keep it real in these parts, and I am forever going to be a work in progress, I know this fully, and I am completely cool with that. I am always open to discussing things such as my near lifelong mental health battle and sometimes this intention to spread awareness and work to eradicate stigma has been met with misinterpretation as attention whoring. But guess what? I don’t feel the need to waste time defending myself anymore. Or hide, or take anything personally from people who don’t even give a flying rat’s ass about me… Especially online.

So why are you, why have I; continuously given away our power? And you know, things don’t miraculously change overnight. It’s a process… It takes continuous, committed effort. It’s certainly not going to be an instantaneous, bam-all-of-your-problems-are-gone bippity boppity boop full moon quick fix. Yes, this Aries full moon will facilitate opportunities to make the needed changes (if we so choose) on our path to healing and leveling up to continued growth. But that requires effort from us… Effort and allowing yourself to be vulnerable without judging yourself and without taking what the fucking naysayers have to say about you to heart. Outsiders are irrelevant here, they hold no power, you know who you are. So let them take their snap judgements and opinions of you, let these people write them down, let these people fold up said piece of paper and then let them shove that piece of paper as far as they can up their rectal cavities.

Whatever floats their boats. Don’t even give anyone the satisfaction of responding to their projectile bullshit. Walk away. Work on appreciating and loving yourself. Be who you really are and as that fucking cliche goes, the right people will be drawn to you. Continue to work on healing thyself and see what happens. But until you reap the rewards this full moon has to offer you have to learn to be comfortable for you, by you, and only you. Make this shit happen. Make yourself proud.

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