You Better Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder: The Five Day Astrolocast; September 17-21 2018 Edition


new york
In 2006 I was hooked on watching New York on the VH1 channel, competing to win Flava Flav’s heart and then later in 2007 having her own spin-off “I Love New York”. Bossy, sarcastic, appearing cold on the surface but a softy on the inside… It really didn’t shock me at all when I found out Tiffany “New York” Pollard is a Capricorn sun. The above gif says it all, and I remember when that particular moment aired on TV. She’s hilariously crass and clearly intimidated many of her subordinates… I mean peers. Early on within these next few days we experience a little New York as the moon leaves the sign of Sagittarius and ingresses into Capricorn at 4:07am EST tomorrow morning, September 17th. We tone it down a bit emotionally. We become more concerned on serious matters that are duty and work oriented. It’s all about organization and planning, and financial matters could be heightened and placed at the forefront of your focus. There’s also an emphasized overall feeling of responsibility and personal accountability.

At 7:54am the Capricorn moon forms a square with Chiron in Aries. Basically, it’s time to get our collective shit together. We’ve been a bit scatterbrained and the Capricorn moon has had enough of that bull. Take a moment this morning to center and ground yourself, a moment for deep breathing and reminding yourself to be, well… mindful. Slow down your pace. There’s no need to panic about what needs to be accomplished… it’s all going to get done.

At 10:57am a trine forms between the moon and Uranus in Taurus. This gives us motivation and a bit of an energetic boost. You may still feel a bit of lingering nervousness and even self-doubts but keep reminding yourself of the purpose and the ultimate goals of your work. Everyone loves to boast their successes but never talk about the grueling hussle and ass busting that it takes to make it there. Never compare your behind the scenes to anybody else’s “highlight reel’.


The moon then conjuncts Saturn (both in Capricorn) at 12:25pm. The determination and tunnel-vision focus continues. Super productivity and you probably will feel more secure in your progress now than you did earlier in the day.

At 6:03pm, the moon then sextiles Venus in Scorpio where a mix of balancing and meshing both work and play occurs. It’s a time of taking moments to enjoy and appreciate the good things in life, even the simplest of things: all at a level of intense depth and gratitude.

Tuesday, September 18th…

At 12:54pm a sextile occurs between that Capricornian moon and Neptune in Pisces. Believing in yourself, your abilties, talents, and using your gifts to manifest towards what you truly dream to achieve for yourself is the ideal thing to do now. It’s a fabulous time to utilize the universe’s energies to intertwine with your very own intentions for making the shit you want to happen.

Next at 7:01pm, Mars in Aquarius squares off with Uranus in Taurus. We are craving alone time. We want healthy solitude and to feel independent in reflecting on and re-evaluating our life circumstances. But we have to be careful of our self-will and potential inflated egos and definitely be mindful not to make rash as well as dangerous choices. Wait.

The moon and Pluto go into a conjunction in the sign of Capricorn at 9:03pm. Uh oh… emotional explosions could happen. We are feeling a bit overwhelmed, feeling things so deeply and intensely, and volatility could become a by-product of it all. This all serves a vital purpose- that being the need for bad habits to change. These are being brought to our attention for that exact reason. Uncomfortable? Fuck yes. Necessary? Fuck yes.

At 11:25pm the moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio form a sextile. This brings an increase in self-awareness and newfound confidence in yourself, a sense of pride. Brush off that bullshit, get that dirt off your shoulder. You’re now building yourself up in an optimistic fashion to feel better.

get that dirt off your shoulder

Wednesday, September 19th

We begin Wednesday with the Capricorn moon trine Mercury in Virgo at 10:20am (with the moon then going void of course at 1:10pm). It’s a great time again this week to organize and plan. Get cleaning, Manage those finances, mop those floors, organize that damn dreaded filing cabinent containing dust-collecting files that serve no purpose since 1997. Get rid of that crap and clutter from your life, it’ll feel incredibly euphoric (or maybe just for me and my kind, the Virgo moon clan).

The moon leaves Capricorn and ingresses into Aquarius at 7:52pm. The feel of the Aquarius moon is that of rebellion, freedom, asserting our unique and quirky parts of our persona with no apologies or fucks given. It’s also a time of more social engagement.

The Aquarius moon sextiles Chiron in Aries at 8:25pm and we embrace that freedom, feeling positive and peaceful in our own presence. Serene.

Then, we have a square between the moon and Uranus in Taurus occuring at 11:36pm. We break out of our comfort zones in order to risk being disliked and validated by outside sources (Aquarius doesn’t give a squat for sure, and knows that true validation comes only from within; you won’t find it by brown-nosing ever). This time involves asserting yourself with courage to speak your truth that your friends or family may not agree or approve of.


Thursday, September 20th…

At 12:23am, the moon and Mars both being in Aquarius form a conjunction. We are feeling confidence once again through exuding our personal strength in feeling independent and breaking the molds of society. You love being in your own skin.

In the morning (9:46am), the Aquarius moon squares Venus in Scorpio. We begin to feel a potential posessiveness of friends and those we hold dear due to feeling some doubt, awkwardness and insecurities rearing their ugly head. It’s not legit, it’s not true, you’re still loved and appreciated. Calm your head, work on shifting your mindset back into confidence in yourself.

At 9:52pm the Sun and Mercury which are both in the sign of Virgo go conjunct. We are sharp minded now with our thoughts flowing freely. We look at things from a logical standpoint which helps with solving problems from a detached perspective, examining common threads and patterns.

Friday, September 21st…

At 1:13pm we have the moon in Aquarius squaring Jupiter in Scorpio, the last aspect of the Aquarius moon before going void of course (the moon will then ingress into the sign of Pisces on Saturday, September 22nd at 8:27am and the energy begins to shift and build up to the approaching September 24th full moon in Aries. More information on that will be revealed on my next astrolocast!). We want to run, we want to detach from our feely feels. We want to rebel. We are battling intense emotions yet again. We have to sit with our feelings, because running away from our problems doesn’t solve shit.

At 11:39pm, Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra. Our intelligence shifts focus onto matters involving justice, equality, asthetic, and fairness. It’s a juggling balance act of the brain playing nice, involving a mindset of tact.

That’s all for now, folks. Tune in next time for the nitty gritty on the weekend astroweather and the downlow on Monday’s full moon!

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