Turning Pain Into Power: The New Moon in Virgo September 9th, 2018

I felt the need to go into more detail than just a blurb in my weekly astrology forecast regarding this approaching New Moon in Virgo coming to us this Sunday, September 9th. I am a natal lunar Virgo (aka I myself am a Virgo moon, 11th house), and I spent this morning experiencing my own mental and emotional anguish… so I took a pen and a notebook and spilled four back-to-front pages where I was able to realize: I am going through a hell of a lot right now, and I need to address and acknowledge these things so I can work towards feeling better. I laid every single thing that surfaced to my mind out on paper and stared pain in the face without judging myself, because as a lunar Virgo I’m generally well versed in self-depreciation shit. So don’t mind this blabbing, hold that thought because I will explain why I find this relevant to the upcoming New moon.glass case of emotion

The New moon hits us at 2:01pm eastern time, and we have this new moon involvement with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn. New Moons are a time of manifestation and intention setting. I personally like to set intentions with both New and Full moons, but under specific differentiating circumstances. Where the Full moon brings opportunities to release and let go; New moons are the time to begin new things and introduce new ideas we want to implement into our hopes and aspirations. A New moon is a clean slate of the lunar cycle.

I believe the theme of this New moon is about putting the focus on self-care, mentally-physically-emotionally-spiritually… whichever area(s) we need it the most. A hint will be exposed in the transits of your natal chart. Look to which house this moon will be transiting on the 9th, the aspects it forms with your personal birth planets and which signs they are in.towelie
Neptune in Pisces opposes the new moon and this can be a red flag if we catch onto it. This isn’t the time, moreso than ever, to run from your problems. Put down the beer, don’t do the drug, and don’t look to suppress a damn thing. It’s time to face and allow yourself to feel those feely feels. Feelings of inadequacy can plague us for a bit. It’s going to be a rampant common thread that people are going to be a bit confused between truth and fiction; because Neptune likes to bring that shit to the table. This can cause us to be afraid and unsure of what we need to friggin’ do next. So when you aren’t sure what to do, then do diddly squat. Wait for the confusion to pass, because it’s going to.

Jupiter is going to sextile the new moon; Pluto is going to form a trine with the New moon, and then on the 12th (Three days after our New moon) guess what? Jupiter and Pluto will form a sextile between one another. Why is this important information? It’s all a link to a common ideation: It brings fortunate opportunities to obtain more inner growth, self-actualization and the ability to persevere through life’s horse crap. It’s a time to identify self-destructive patterns in our lives that we are still actively participating in that we swept under the rug for far too long. BAM: it’s screaming in your face to be seen and dealt with.bam

All in all, this New moon is a time of personal empowerment laying dormant within ourselves and it’s up to us to dig it up and use it. It’s time to turn our pain into power.


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