PATIENCE. This Week’s Astrolocast: September 3rd-9th, 2018


uncomfymemeFirst and foremost, thanks to all of you for being patient with me in running late with today’s update. Chronic pain issues are rearing that ugly head, I am even having some difficulty walking, and trying my best to push through it just enough to get this done. (I have big chunks of black tourmaline and honey calcite on my hip… in the band of my underwear, which is a sight for sore eyes.) Otherwise, it’s (for the majority of) a self-care day. A healing bath is in order, just need my husband to come home from work first incase I get stuck in the bathtub and I’m unable to pull myself up/out. I am actually finding all of this humorous… and really, that’s the best thing I can do.

Not only that, upon my little one starting her ‘official’ year of preschool tomorrow (I guess the previous years were more like a warm-up; more-so like a daycare). Cue the tears, she’s growing too quickly. But I’ve already filled of my planner like that good ol’ Virgo moon that I am, and with everything going on, I will be hella busy for the next year during the weekdays. That being said, I am going to attempt writing my astrolocasts by the weeks (Monday-Sunday forecast posts). Hopefully that way, things will appear more organized as well and easier for all to navigate.

I have found that looking at the entire week, I found a common thread in all of the transits combined.

Starting with today, September 3rd… this morning at 6:41am EST we had the moon in chatty Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. If you were like me, you kept hitting snooze on the alarm clock, and yet waking up as if you didn’t sleep well at all. It’s indicated that last night’s rest caused a lot of us to sleep literally restlessly. We can wake up fatigued, pained (hello look at me!) and potentially, bad dreams could have contributed to the restlessness.

Next we had Mercury in Leo in a sextile with Venus in Libra at 8:58am. I know we had a rocky start this morning, but we are able to have appreciation for what we have, and what we find beautiful in our lives. I’ve been weepy but in the happiest way possible over how much I adore my husband and kids, and how lucky I am to have an amazing man in my life. We’ve been through a hell of a lot in the six years we’ve been together, and yet he remains the love of my life. So despite what we face today, we’ve got to look at the good and hang on to that goodness in gratitude. Got sticky notes? Post some happy shit everywhere. I’m absolutely serious.

Happening just about as I’m typing this, a few minutes ago at 10:44am the Gemini moon quincunxes Jupiter in Scorpio. We may encounter those shitty thoughts creeping into our heads and it’s hard to shake them. This could last for a bit of the day, as at 1:09 this afternoon we have another quincunx between the moon and Pluto in Capricorn. We could experience frustration, impatience and feel pissed off because things don’t seem to be falling into place, yet. Hang on please… patience, young grasshopper. This serves a purpose. Saturn will be slowing down and is getting ready to station direct on the 6th, and we still have Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron in retrograde after that. So keep that in mind.


Moving onto Tuesday, September 4th… The moon is still in Gemini and luckily we begin Tuesday with the moon in a trine with lovely Venus in Libra while we are (hopefully) asleep 1:27am. It’s a favorable time again to appreciate loved ones. It’s an easygoing, open-minded and accepting time. If you’re up, now is actually an ideal time to work out your differences with others or at least brainstorm how you can using love and gentleness. We also then have the moon in a sextile with Mercury in Leo (at 2:37am), so this reinforces how it’s a great time to write out your thoughts and feelings. Ideas a free-flowing through your mind and onto paper. It might also be an awesome time to use to your advantage and get creative. You’d be having mental/emotional clarity and insights. If you happen to be asleep (like most people I’d imagine), I can envision downloads being received to the subconscious of the collective. The moon then goes Void of Course until 8:03am where the moon will then ingress into the sign of Cancer.

In between the moon’s ingress into the next sign, Cancer, we have a quincunx between the moon in Gemini and Mars in Capricorn at 6:24am. If you remember posts back, I explained that when the moon goes VOC (‘void of course’), there are no major aspects to the moon until it ingresses. Well guess what? Despite how important I personally find the quincunx, it’s actually considered a minor aspect, which I find kind of silly. The quincunx is vastly underrated for sure. ANYWHO, this particular quincunx indicates that we will feel restless and lacking in patience yet again! We want what we want when we want it.

giphyWe need to remember that we live in a society that glorifies instant gratification. But what does this actually lead to? A society that obtains the mindset of perpetual ‘I need more and more and more’; nothing is ever enough, and we become miserable. Take the time to ponder this lesson.

The moon ingresses into Cancer a little later at 8:03am, so emotionally we go from wanting to communicate and explore intelligent thought processes to tapping into our intuition, the desire to nurture, and exploring our emotional nature. And at 9:40am, the Cancerian moon squares Chiron in Aries. Sigh. We are angry, and we convince ourselves we are justified in that anger. We have every right to feel how we feel. True, however does anger truly serve you at your best? Or does that justified anger thwart your process of healing? We’re most likely going to resist forgiving and letting go. Anger is a secondary emotion most times, the primary emotion is sadness that lies dormant underneath when anger becomes the star of the shitshow.

Next we receive a sextile between the Cancer moon and Uranus in Taurus at 11:52am. Maybe we actually can achieve letting go, it’s a mindset in mindfulness. Sure, it’s tough. Yet it’s not impossible to embrace the change of growth within ourselves.

At 12:22pm we experience the moon in Cancer in an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn. Beware of the silent destroyer: comparison to others. You’ll only get unnecessarily disappointed with your progress you’ve worked damn hard to achieve. It’s a trap, do not clam up, do not give in, don’t let those negative thoughts win. Fight fight fight.


Moving on down to Wednesday, September 5th… at 5:31am, the moon in Cancer sextiles the Virgo sun. Again we receive mental and emotional clarity. We’re riding life’s waves this week, flow with the change in the tides and appreciate the times of relief. Enjoy this present moment, feeling light and free.

Keep in mind, Saturn is beginning to slow its roll as he gets ready to head towards direct station on the 6th.

At 9:27am the moon in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. We may have a hard time focusing on tasks at hand, but we are still enjoying ourselves in this calming morning. Day dreaming and use of your vivid imagination could take over. It’s all good, roll with it.

A little later in the morning (11:18am) Mercury in Leo forms a quincunx with Mars in Capricorn. Suddenly you want to be impulsive. You now battle your self-will and you kind of need to be your own referee here. Slow down!

In the afternoon, 1:55pm; The Cancer moon trines Jupiter in Scorpio. Your intuition is sharp and completely on-point, trust your hunches and gut feelings. They’re legit. Ultimately it’s up to you how you handle this strong energy.

That Cancerian moon will oppose Pluto in Capricorn at 3:41pm. You may get lose in the intensity of the emotions you’re now experiencing. Newfound truths are bound to rise to the surface of consciousness, and it may be some hard pills to swallow.

Mercury will leave Leo at 10:39pm and enters the sign of Virgo. Virgo is in its home of Mercury and that makes it easier to find the analytically logical side of situations.

Thursday, September 6th… we begin at 6:20am with the Cancer moon squaring Venus in Libra, ruh-roh. We doubt ourselves and take a little hit at our self-esteem. We may criticize how we physically look. We require validation, and that comes from within. Do not seek this in others, you won’t feel fulfilled. It won’t be enough if we do not love ourselves first and foremost.

Saturn goes direct at 7:09am after being retrograde for months. We’ll be confused. Saturn is a little confused. It’s time to set priorities and regain that sense of personal accountability.

At 8:43am we get the Moon in Cancer opposing Mars in Capricorn. The moon then goes void of course but only for approximately an hour! No rest for the wicked, Saturn is back bitches, and he means business. Here, communication is key to succeeding. We are in the battle again of releasing emotions. We’re questioning, is now the right time? Think of that Nike slogan: Just do it.


After a one hour, nine minute void of course the moon ingresses into Leo. A bit of a dramatic touch to our emotions. Don’t get too theatrical!

At 10:14am, Mercury in Virgo quincunxes Chiron in Aries. Your mind will play tricks on you, despite the fact that you are in better shape than you actually believe. Cut the shit. You are strong, you’ve come so far, and you need to acknowledge it. Not too long after, we contend with The lioness moon of Leo trining Chiron in Aries. You realize you’ve come far. You continue on with courage and fierce perseverence just like a mofkn Leo would.

And then the moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. At 1:30pm, we’re stubborn as fuck yet again. We resist change, we are clinging emotionally to our past. There’s the turbulence of fear of what’s unknown. Take the damn plunge.

get-uncomfortableAt 2:03pm, The Leo moon forms a quincunx with Saturn in Capricorn. Still wanting to resist and embrace change, feeling alone, feeling isolated from others; and we don’t even realize it is self-imposed imprisonment. We feel sad and we cannot pinpoint why that is. The answers lie within you.

Friday, September 7th… We begin with Mercury in Virgo in a trine with Uranus in Taurus at 3:41am. Finally we decide to come to terms and accept changes. The war this week that we deal with between keeping stuck in our misery or dealing with temporary discomfort to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

At 8:20am, Mercury in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn. We are focused, determined and mentally prepared to get that shit done we’ve procrastinated on for way too long.

At 2:27pm, the Leo moon is going to quincunx Neptune in Pisces. Illusions crop up, We get confused by what’s real and what isn’t. We trip on overthinking super minor and meaningless details that could send us for a whirlwind. Forget it… keep moving forward. This applies to the aspect at 3:21pm as well, where the Virgo sun opposes Neptune in Pisces.

Lastly on the 7th the Leo moon quincunxes Pluto in Capricorn at 4:33pm. We don’t want to feel anything right now. We want to avoid any depth in emotion. Not now, satan, we are putting this shit off until later. It’s not to healthy to suppress our emotions, though. It could come back to bite you in your ass.

Saturday, September 8th… happening at 9:31am the Leo moon sextiles Venus in Libra. The moon again enters an incredibly short void of course of exactly on hour on the dot. But here again, we are reminded to be aware and thankful of our life blessing like earlier in the week.

The moon in Leo quincunxes Mars in Capricorn at 9:48am so we get restless and feel the need to act impulsively again. Don’t do it, hold off.

The moon leaves Leo and goes into Virgo at 10:29am.

At 11:44am the Virgo moon quincunxes Chiron in Aries. We fight the rational thoughts versus the irrational thoughts in our heads- are we overreacting? Are we making moutains out of molehills? Stay out of your own way. Avoid the ability to self-sabotage your efforts made up until this point of your life.

In the afternoon, the Virgo moon trines Uranus in Taurus (1:58pm). We will become aware of good steps to take next, making changes in our lives for the better. Baby steps.

Then the Virgo moon trines Saturn in Capricorn at 2:36pm. Back to reality. We feel grounded. Back to our routines and daily tasks to complete.

At 4:38pm, Venus in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn. We’re irritable, we’re bitchy, we’re snappy, holy attitudes batman! You’re hot headed… retreat to your zen cave. Relax and avoid the snap instant of biting off more than you can chew.

The moon in Virgo conjuncts Mercury in Virgo. We feel the alignment between our heart and our brains; thought and emotion; understanding and overall awareness. (6:54pm)

Finally, on Sunday, September 9th… Venus enters the intense and deep sign of Scorpio at 5:25am, leaving Libra in the dust. We may become a little more jealous, possessive, yet our minds are sharp. We are in tune with setting our boundaries in relationships, and don’t you dare cross them.

So then Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. We’re confused again, we don’t know which path to take with that fork in the road. What do you choose? Blindness or truth?

The new moon occurs at 2:01pm where the sun and moon are conjunct in Virgo. New moons are a fabulous time of new beginnings and a fresh start… and with the Virgoan energy, get organized! Set some new intentions for projects and tasks to complete. Get back to some stability in routines.

At 4:23pm the Virgo moon sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio which magnifies our power in emotional responses. But it can go either way: healthy or unhealthy. What do you need to work on? Then, the moon trines Pluto in Capricorn (5:03pm). You’ll want to focus on your health and overall well-being. Truly intuitvely knowing what you have to do to improve your quality of life.



The weekly lesson and wrap-up: Heres the deal. You can only grow when you realize you have to face your fear and discomfort. Remain grateful for your life experiences and stay humble. Continue to have that willingness to learn and embrace truths.



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