Peace Is The Way. The Weekend Astrolocast: September 1st & 2nd, 2018

What’s in store for this weekend!? First off on Saturday morning, we have a sextile (an aspect where the planets involved form a 60 degree angle) between the moon in Taurus and Neptune in it’s home sign of Pisces at 1:33am EST. Don’t be surprised if you have wonderfully vivid dreams that you remember upon waking. If you’re anything like me, who usually cannot remember dreams if my life depended on it, you’re in luck. When the moon and Neptune align in a harmonious aspect in the middle of the night… you’ll be sure to wake up and actually remember what went on in dreamland. The moon is in the earthy worth sign of Taurus, and it’s possible you’ll wake up with ideas for appreciating your own worth, or even how to manifest maintaining or creating that financial stability. Can I get a hallelujah?!


So upon waking (if you happen to be an early bird, that is because granted it’s friggin’ Saturday morning), we literally come back down to reality as that Taurus moon opposes (the aspect where the planets involved happen to be in signs that are in polarity to one another which is a 180 degree angle) to Jupiter in Scorpio at 5:06am EST. Hear me out, it’s not a bad thing. Sure oppositions can cause a bit of friction… but it’s necessary most times believe it or not! This transit actually grounds us. Yes, we are full of inspiration when we arise from our beds. But at the same time, we are realistic about it. See what I mean? We’ve come down from that Piscerean high. That Neptunian dreaminess subsides a bit, and we are back to what’s reality. We know what we have to do to obtain that worth we are striving for, yet we know that doesn’t mean miraculously hitting the jackpot with the megamillions lotto ticket.

This energy continues throughout the morning when at 8:16am the moon forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Dilligently, realistically putting in that hard work. Knowing the potential limitations and even weighing risks, pros and cons. This is also a conscious shedding and a release of what you know hasn’t proven successful in the past. It’s a time for regeneration, it’s a new dawn, a new day and damnit, we’re feeling good. Thrive in this feeling of confidence.


During the afternoon, 3:07pm, that Taurus moon forms a square to Mercury in Leo. This is a test and it involves not letting your doubtful thoughts derail you from those dreams. It’s not a catastrophe, I know Leo goes over the top sometimes (that’s an understatement. And I’m not putting you Leo’s on blast… but we know the Leo archetype can be passionately theatrical. For the record, I am a Leo Sun as well!) Where we were so hopeful in the morning, we are now beginning to shift to the other end of the spectrum. Focus on the mid-morning events and maintain that balance. Stop listening to the negativity cropping up in your mind and when you happen to become aware of a shitty thought present in your head, re-route it. Put that thing down, flip it and reverse it… turn that doubt back into hope. Your thoughts manifest your reality and you can recalibrate that thinking process. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes consistent practice. Just believe in yourself!

At 5:46pm, the moon will form a quincunx with Venus in Libra. We are yearning for connection with others, and while we may have difficulty in understanding the perspectives of others, we can put our differences aside at this time and come together. To each his own. Being the winner of conflict isn’t what’s needed at this time, you can swallow your pride and enjoy some harmony. This transit lasts until 1:56am Sunday morning.

The last aspect the Taurus moon makes before leaving the sign and ingressing into Gemini is a trine to Mars in Capricorn. Once again we are driven and determined to go after what we want. We have visions and goals for our future and it’s looking bright. We know we have what it takes to attain them. The moon goes into Gemini at 4:02am. We will tend to be quick on our feet, witty, and chatterboxes.


Onto Sunday, September 2nd:

The moon in Gemini will sextile Chiron in Aries at 5:53am, giving us a wonderful opportunity to act on forgiveness. We are ready to enrich our quality of life, we are ready to let go of pain and suffering. We just want to feel good. We just want to enjoy ourselves and allow room for happiness.

The Gemini moon next forms a quincunx to Saturn in Capricorn at 8:33am. Perhaps feeling inhibited in your emotions, potentially feeling thwarted from expressing how you’re feeling. It’ll pass… flow with this energy because it does serve a purpose. The universe could be protecting you. You’re being given a sense of self-discipline in this arena for valid reasons.


Lastly, wrapping up this weekend forecast we have the moon squaring the sun in Virgo as we arrive at the Fourth quarter moon in this lunar cycle. Let go of the need for control, and perfectionism. Let go of hurting, embrace forgiving. Everything is okay. Life is good. There’s no need to quarrel, there’s only a need to keep moving forward with your life in grace, dignity and integrity. The approaching weekend’s energies deal a whole lot with this entire topic. Working on improving you, and just you.


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