Mars Direct And Holy Anger Outbursts: Astrology Of The Next Few Days August 27-31, 2018


Mars in Capricorn went direct around 10am eastern this morning after being retrograde since the end of June. When a planet goes retrograde (appearing to go backwards in its orbit) and back to direct station (no longer retro, going forward) it’s not an all of a sudden ‘everything is cool now’ or everything is ‘back to normal’ (the hell is normal anyway?). While Mars retrograde can bring impulsivity, foot-meet-mouth moments, and buried resentments potentially rearing their ugly heads; Mars direct means that Mars is back at its fullest force. And you know what the planet Mars represents? On the plus side, Mars gives us our drives, our ability to assert ourselves, and energy to accomplish what we need to. The not so great side of Mars could very well be what a lot of us experienced today, whether given, received, or both ends of the spectrum (like me!); as I finally sit at my computer to type this at 7:30pm. That’s aggressiveness in general but not limited to volatile road rage and blow-ups in any type of relationship with another human being, no matter who it is. Needless today, if you’re feeling quite emotionally reactive today, you aren’t the only one. Mars is confused right now, and the only other planets I’d watch for coming back to direct station is Uranus and Pluto when it comes to potential for volatility. One more word on this, those like me who may have spoken up for themselves today, finally put their foot down, and surprised yourselves… maybe it wasn’t in the best way possible, but when you’re somebody who has lived much of their lives as a doormat, sometimes it’s the only way to finally set that boundary. So it’s not all ‘bad’ news!

And then there were four.

That leaves Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the remaining summer 2018 clusterfuck of retrograde planets. (And Chiron. But Chiron isn’t a planet. Nobody knows what exactly Chiron is… a meteor? an asteroid? The world may never know).

What else happened today? The Piscerean Moon formed a sextile (seen as one of the more harmonious aspects that forms when planets make a 60 degree angle to one another) to Pluto in Scorpio at 3:13pm. Water is a deep, the element is the deepest of the four as far as emotions go, and no wonder with the signs in the element (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)! Pluto is deep, the Moon is deep… I need not go on. But I don’t know if anyone else relates, so please leave me a comment if it does, but I have been experiencing for the last day what I feel this transit represents. That could be for a reason I truly believe is valid, and that is, empaths feel transits (as with other energies) before they occur. It never fails, I go through transits early than a lot of people I know. I feel them. Anyway, what I’m blabbing about is the desperate need to have a deeper understanding with one’s self, especially emotionally. I looked up forgiveness this morning, and read this by the late and great Dr. Wayne Dyer. I will be repetitively reading it, I want it to sink in. I need it to sink in. I am only hurting myself to continue living a life resentful of perceived wrongs done to be in the past. Do you want to better your life, or stay in the same misery? I don’t know about you, but I am ready to change my ways. This isn’t working for me anymore. It never was.


Onto tomorrow! August 28th, 2018.

Well actually, I have a hard time even calling this ‘tomorrow’, but it is technically. (That’s what happens when you work a full-time job at graveyard shift I suppose). At 1:32am Mercury in Leo will form a square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Your head may be all over the place. There’s a potential that this can cause difficulty sleeping due to overstimulation. You’re exhausted, but your mind is on overdrive. If you can avoid adding caffeine and Netflix binging to the mix, that would be best so you’re not completely shot at more productive hours later in the day.


At 9:54am, the Moon will form a sextile to Mars which will be the last major aspect of the moon as it goes void of course (read my previous blog entry for an explanation of what that means here) at this time until 12:35pm when the moon goes into the next sign, Aries. This aspect gives us the ability to assert ourselves and speak our minds (see what I was saying about empaths and transits!?). Ride that wave!

Next at 2:58pm the Moon will conjunct Chiron, both now being in the sign of Aries. Tomorrow is like today part two in the direction of self-evaluation, revelation, and positive changes. We are finding it easier to be compassionate with ourselves and others, and coming to understand others for the way they are. That doesn’t mean you have to let people disrespect your boundaries. You can forgive people and still keep them at a distance for your own protection and sanity. You could be triggered by past painful experiences by this transit, not so much in a malicious way but in a way that is brought on by reflection which will actually help you.

Lastly I’d like to talk about how at 5:37pm, the Aries Moon will square Saturn in Capricorn. Fellow natal Moon square Saturn natives HOLLA!! You know this aspect is a bitch to have (Virgo Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius in the house). To the best of your ability, don’t fall into the trap of awkwardness and isolation; that you are isolated, a burden, and alone. It’s all lies. Have patience and don’t act rash… this is going to pass.


Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

There’s really only two aspects I feel the need to talk about for this Wednesday. That’s a quincunx that the Aries Moon will be making to Jupiter in Scorpio at 8:57pm, and another quincunx between Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn at 11:37pm. (What’s a quincunx? I give a good description here). As far as Moon quincunx Jupiter, here’s my advice with this one: don’t let a shit mood send you into a shopping spree using your only grocery and bill paying money. You literally cannot afford frivolously pissing your money away on crap you do not need. Dig deeper about why you’re in a horrible mood to begin with. Will it be a suckier process? Perhaps in the beginning. But you’ll see in the aftermath when you have no food and are scrambling to pay your rent for this month, instead of facing the real issue head-on and finding a resolution to implement to better your life what the real shit deal is.
As far as Mercury quincunx Pluto, you’re going to probably second guess yourself. You’re going to probably overthink yourself to death with the should-haves and could-haves. This will pass as well. Look to what you did well in the past situations you’re harping on if you really can’t stop rehashing them. Stop beating yourself up!

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

At 12:54am (another potential late nighter), the Moon in Aries makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn and it’s emotionally domineering. Subconsciously for a lot of us, deep emotional baggage is being brought to the surface for one reason alone: it’s begging to be dealt with. The good news is that just minutes later, at 1:03am the Moon will also be in exact Trine with Mercury in Leo which will facilitate the heart and the mind, emotions and intellect to be in-sync together and work in harmony; giving the ability for you to conquer head-on anything that crops up that could derail us into self-sabotage before it even stands a chance at doing so.

At 6:57am, the Moon opposes Venus in Libra so you know emotions are going to be running high in romantic relationships. It’ll also be super easy to misinterpret things that are said and done. Just chill out.

Then the moon goes void of course at 7:04pm, making it’s last major aspect before leaving Aries and going into Taurus (at 9:31pm) being a square to Mars in Capricorn. There’s a big potential for conflicts to arise, especially if you couldn’t let the morning go and have been stewing in it all day. Aggressiveness and some less than friendly competion may arise as well. Taking deep breaths and staying in your protective zen bubble may need to be required. Much like Mars just going direct again, the volativity will be felt. Choose to not participate, unless you really want to. Take this time, and the passion Mars can also produce, and use that drive in constructive mannerisms such as creating and manifesting.
And finally, Friday August 31st, 2018

The Moon in Taurus is going to conjunct Uranus (1:51am), trine Saturn in Capricorn (2:17am) and trine the Sun in Virgo (12:43pm). All of this giving you brilliant, innovative and inspiring feelings. Some may be that of anxiety, it’s all good though and here me out: these transits are bound to help you to create and accomplish amazing things for yourself. You’re being given the disciplinary gift of Saturn, pushing you with determination and perseverence. Again I feel like this week has a lot to do with acceptance of the past, and making the decision to move forward with our lives. Continuing to grow and ascend. 

I’m not religious, despite my catholic upbringing. However I take refuge in the Prayer of St. Francis. May we all consistently strive to do these things to the best of our abilities:

prayer of st francis


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