A Grand Earth Trine & Full Moon: The Weekend Astrolocast! August 25-26, 2018


What’s a grand trine? Let’s start with a trine aspect that isn’t the grand type. A trine is that triangular aspect symbol we see in astrological charts. It’s formed between planets whose particular signs are in the same element. They jive, they like one another. So they link up on what’s generally known as a harmonious aspect that involves the said planets being 120 degrees apart. A grand trine happens when three planets involved; in all three of an element’s signs; does just the same. We call it an earth trine because- you guessed it… all three signs involved here have the element of earth. The Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus are coming together to highlight what we value, as well as give us some luck where abundance is concerned. Abundance can be whatever we desire or need, it’s not always about financial matters. This grand trine also helps to hone down on exactly how to accomplish what we want to. Earth is the element of grounding and keeping it real, so you know that is only going to be amplified when the whole gang is here and in your face.


The moon is currently in Aquarius and went void of course at 12:38am.It’s going to be void of course for 25 hours straight, which can be a bit frustrating for the impatient kind of folks. A void of course moon is when the moon is ready to change signs and it makes no major aspects to any other planets before it ingresses (remember, that fancy word for ‘going into’ another sign). So before the moon enters Pisces (at 1:32am EST tomorrow morning), now is the time to just chill and lay low. Have a lazy Saturday. It’s not the time to jump the gun, impulsively implement ideas, or start new projects. Whatever you put effort into at this time, a void of course moon, “they say” that what you put your effort into will cease to materialize. It’ll be a massive waste of your time and energy. So really, don’t act on erratic and impulsive thoughts potentially clouded by the moon as they will be quick fleeting. Everything passes, so just be patient young grasshopper.

Right now, at 9:30am EST, I’m not sure what side of the bed you guys woke up on, but I’m fucking irritable. Yes, we have the grand earth trine happening and that’s fabulous, I have actually received some good news already, but I can’t shake the cranky. Well right now the moon is making a square to Juno, and no, this isn’t considered a major thing (as stated about the void of course moon); however it’s like a mosquito bite nonetheless. Annoying, and the more you scratch it, the more histamine gets released into your bloodstream and the more you then need to scratch because voila! You’ve now become so unbearably itchy and you did it to yourself by scratching in the first place and releasing the goddamn histamine. Cue facepalm.

The potential here is becoming a grumpy snapping turtle dealing out small outbursts in the direction of loved ones and moodiness. So try and keep your conversations light-hearted and not so serious. Also, try to reel in the temptation to snap… don’t allow fear from your subconscious mind to control how your morning is going to go (I know, I know, easier said than done, I’m having this battle as I type). Don’t let the heaviness you feel set the tone for the rest of your day. Drink some coffee or whatever the hell you do to wake yourself up and try showing some appreciation for the grand earth trine… it’s bound to bring greatness for each and every one of us in some respect.


Moving onto tomorrow, Full Moon day, August 26th. The moon moves into Pisces at 1:32am EST setting us further off to dream, but no worries because that grand earth trine is still working its magic with the remaining energy which gives us a sense of practicality and common sense… we don’t have our heads fully in the clouds. The full moon is exact at 7:56am and we will be aware of our personal limitations along with the steps we can take moving forward. The entire theme of this full moon in Pisces is to balance dreams and reality. Going to the extreme of either end is never going to help anybody in the long-run.

Mercury in Leo will be in a quincunx with Neptune in Pisces (the teeter-totter aspect) at 8:29pm EST. Unfortunately it’s likely that we will second guess ourselves and our choices at the time. Having low confidence in our ability to make decisions which is a lie we tell ourselves. Tell that negative committee in your head to sit down a shut up. This comes after Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn at 3:20pm; a time where our perception will really be off in combination of the moon already being in Pisces. Our fears and insecurities are going to want to send us to a place of desiring control, a false sense of control. Those who act on this may do something manipulative, self-sabotaging, or act out of jealousy and perceived lack. Keep in mind we are not seeing the whole entire picture here. Also realize the difference between unconditional love versus attachment and codependency in relationships. Feeling insecure may be one way we go tomorrow, but if you have enough sense of yourself and who you are, you can do your best not to feed the monster.

Mars is putting on the breaks in retrograde, stationing direct on Monday. This is going to help us in achieving what we want to achieve. And what’s even greater is that this occurs within the same weekend of the grand earth trine. Focus on that, the good shit. Don’t let the little things trip you up and distract you. Use this full moon in the highly intuitive water sign of Pisces to set the intention of what will enrich your life for the better. Enjoy it!


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