Moon Conjunct Pluto: Misplaced Anger & The Rest Of Allie’s Astrolocast For August 22nd Through August 24th 2018.

Hey all! Look who’s back again, trying to figure shit out… I am not yet sure how often to make these posts because as of right now, I am just doing them as inspiration and opportunity strikes (I do have a 4 year old- fellow moms, I know you feel me).

I do actually enjoy how the tides have turned. As a result of a medical diagnosis as the culprit for my knee pain, I’ve been out of work. And due to only being at this organization for nine months, I am not eligible for covered leave. So I lose my job… until then, I get paid out of my accrued sick and vacation time. It is what it is. Like I said, it’s actually quite a blessing; I’ve been able to dedicate a hell of a lot more time to my true passion… and that’s astrology. Working full-time ten-hour overnight shifts weekly was really beginning to drain me, and the job itself was a bit intense too. I suppose the universe declared it was time to move forward with my journey!

Alright, enough blabbing about my personal life… let’s get back to what’s happening for the next few days, shall we? Try and stay with me as I jump all around. Erratic is how I roll (hello 11th house moon placement).


Let me begin with what occurs today at 2:46pm EST: The Moon in Capricorn is in exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. (As I explained in yesterday’s post, a conjunction between planets occurs when the two planets are in the same sign, literally 0 degrees apart… but can also be up to 10 degrees apart. The more exact the conjunction, the stronger the energies that merge together). Oh snap. This will be an afternoon of emotional intensity. This can be troublesome for individuals who refuse to dig deep. Those people who suppress and deny their own feelings. The ones who stuff it down and fool themselves. This is potentially a day where outbursts and explosions can happen, you know I don’t sugarcoat. And this doesn’t mean this will occur with everybody. These energies can manifest in different ways and that all depends on one’s natal chart placements, natal aspects as well as their current transit experience (the planets and the signs they currently are in within the universe and how they touch down to your personal planets in your chart at the date and time of your birth). Because this may not be a time of shit hitting the fan for you or for people in your social circles. This can also be a day of profound answers from your own emotional depth and psychological makeup, perhaps realizations that open your eyes: we call this a form of growth. Due to the sign being involved happens to be Capricorn, you’re given the potential to listen to the inner guidance that could very well say, it’s time to get your shit together. Just like yesterday, it’s another day to concentrate on staying cool, collected, calm and grounded. A day to carry around that black tourmaline.

Then at 5:09pm EST, Venus (in Libra) will quincunx Neptune(in Pisces). That pest of the quincunx (it’s actually probably my favorite astrological aspect though, and truly underrated in my opinion) forms a tug-of-war between love and delusions. So you can almost guess, matters in regards to romance are going to be a little hazy. We may be questioning what we really believe. The truth in our lives could be skewed in perceptions today: lost in translation. You may be confused about what you want, you may have suspicions that could be false. Hold up there- now is not the time to make rash decisions. Wait for this to pass, gain a little more mental clarity because Neptune is quite a lovely planet that rules Pisces, but on the not so wonderfully idealist, kind, gentle, dreamy and loving sign; there’s the not so great qualities. Those happen to be escapism through fucked up coping mechanisms (mainly addiction to virtually anything), delusional beliefs and illusions leading to confusion of what is reality and what just… isn’t. So when the love-driven planet of Venus is involved you better wait in matters of the heart. Not only romantic relationships but even dealing with money and financial matters! Check this out as well- both Venus and Neptune are hooked up currently with the signs they rule (Venus- Libra but Taurus as well; Neptune- Pisces).



Moving onto Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd of August. The Sun leaves majestic Leo season and now enters the world of analysis and practicality of Virgo season as of 12:08am EST. Happy Birthday Virgos!

The Moon will leave the sign of dutiful and serious Capricorn and enter the sign of the rebel Aquarius. I always see the Aquarius archetype as some sort of hippie (Pisces too). Anywho… needless to say, the air will become a bit lighter emotionally. Not so serious, more work than play makes me a dull chick. Not sure about you! So just when the Moon ingresses (that fancy astrological term basically saying “the moon is going into”) Aquarius, the moon conjuncts Mars (also in Aquarius). Feeling energized, feeling driven, feeling literally like a rebel with- or without a cause. However you want to rock out! For those of us who are prone to anxiety, take care of yourself today because a moon-Mars conjunction can trigger a bit of our frets, and magnify them. So stay in this present moment and don’t you dare project into the future. Fuck that noise… live your life now and enjoy it!

At 3:49pm EST we have the Moon making a sextile to Chiron in Aries. We will actively participate if we so choose to engage in self-care and taking good care of our well-being. This is good preparation for later on this day, because at 5:54pm the Moon will then form a square to Uranus in Taurus. A square forms when two planets are at a 90 degree angle from each other, and it’s tension that creates an opportunity to hone in on problem solving… adds some pressure to either find a solution to implement, or stay stuck in a perpetual pity party until you decide to wake up. Emotionally, you may feel nervous tension. You may even get a tension headache (I fucking hate those)! Pay attention to what your body is telling you, if you’re tensing up, speak kindly to your body as if you’re speaking to an anxious child. Be gentle, be loving, be kind and cut yourself some slack. This is another aspect where you don’t want to be making impulsive, rash decisions. Taurus is a sign that loves routines and stubbornly clings to consistency. Taurus doesn’t like change. But this Moon-Uranus aspect is bound to change some plans in an unexpected manner. Stay as flexible as you possibly can, keep your mind open, and just prepare to go with the flow. Relax your body, keep on taking deep breaths.

And now the last segment involving Friday, August 24th. At 4:27pm the Moon in Aquarius will be in opposition of Mercury in Leo (an opposition aspect meaning the planets are at a 180 degree stand-off to one another. They are literally opposite of each other. This involves the Aquarius-Leo polarity where the signs share a common thread but yet are very different, too). You’re going to swing to one of the two spectrums of this teeter-totter and that’s either the logical, intellectual, cold kind of mindset; or you’re going to be emotionally charged, hypersensitive to your surroundings, and your thoughts and actions will stem from your feelings. Those feeling logical and those feeling emotionally triggered will not mesh too well today- the logical ones are going to get annoyed with the feelers, and the feelers are bound to feel hurt from how damn cold those who are solely logical have an inability to empathize with them. To backtrack, this morning at approximately 10:30am the Sun will quincunx Chiron… so talk about hurting. Today isn’t a day to entertain negative self-talk. Keep your mental boxing gloves on and combat those lies we tell ourselves with the truth.



Then, at 9:46pm we have the moon squaring Jupiter. Just go to bed… there is a tendency to hop on your laptop, wine glass in hand while deciding to order 10 identical potato mashers on amazon because well, when in Rome? Jupiter likes to enhance, expand, magnify. Jupiter loves extravagance. And with a square to the moon involved, we’ve had a tough day… we earned a spending and/or binge eating and drinking spree. The struggle is real, impulsivity versus self-control and pulling back those reigns on justification to throw our cold-hard cash away on frivolous crap is quite a feat. Make it an early night and get some rest, that way you can wake up in the morning without guilt or remorse!



So I hope you enjoyed me keeping shit real. Try not to freak too much, this is life. Go with the flow… there are always going to be ups and downs, pros and cons. It’s all about your perception and choices. It’s up to you to decide how your day is going to go, how you’re going to handle whatever is thrown your way. Take care of yourselves. You got this.









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