Hakuna Your Tatas: Today’s Sun + Mars Quincunx.

Mind your petty ways: Today the Sun in Leo is in a quincunx with Mars in Capricorn.

What the hell is a quincunx?
A quincunx is the astrological term for inconjunct. Where a conjunction is when two planets, in the same sign, are exactly compatible and the energies are literally on top of one another in close degrees (aka orb of 10 degrees and less)… An inconjunct is exactly what you can guess. Two energies that don’t mesh. Where a conjunction is an “angle” of 0 degrees, a quincunx is formed at a 150 degree angle.

The two energies today, with the Sun in Leo and Mars being in Capricorn have signs that do have a common thread and that’s status and reputation. Where Leo is concerned about the spotlight and being admired; Capricorn is all about business success. The sun represents our ego and vitality, where Mars is our drives, and our ability to assert ourselves.

With a quincunx, the two signs/planets involved just don’t want to compromise. Infact, they either want to bicker and be catty and petty, or they’ll just plain ignore one another completely… Well secretly, because it causes a lot of tension!

But compromising, mediating between the two energies involved is what is not only needed, it’s REQUIRED for any chance at resolution.

So the moral of this story is, try to the best of your ability to not be a dick today.
Bite your tongue, think before you speak, think before you act… impulsivity control. Have some tact, take other’s feelings into account.
Including your own. Just remember not everything is about you, and looking at where another person’s perspective on things may actually bring you closer and give you a better understanding of why people are the way they are.
Meditate today. Stay cool. Keep calm.
It’s all good.

And then, after the Sun goes into Virgo (August 23rd), we have an exact grand earth trine on August 25th! This happens when the three signs belonging to their assigned element (air-Gemini Libra Aquarius, earth-Taurus Virgo Capricorn, water-Cancer Scorpio Pisces and fire-Aries Leo Sagittarius) align into a trine aspect (a harmonious one that forms when signs are 120 degrees).

So good news, we’ll be feeling a hell of a lot more grounded, stable, calm and centered.

So just for today, rub your earlobes, take a deep breath, and say it with me:


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