The Eclipse Part Two: When Shit Hits The Fan, The Aftermath (Part Two Of Two)

I tried to let him down gently. It didn’t go over well, things happen beyond our control often and it’s best to accept that truth. I cannot control the actions and reactions of others, I can only ensure my own and act with tact and compassion to the best of my ability. But shit, it gets challenging when you’re completely loathed. I’m on the receiving end of someone wounded, partially my own fault for letting them down, letting them go. But they also need to realize their part.

Of course, you can only lead a horse to water… You can’t make the horse drink, no matter how strikingly dehydrated that horse is.

I know you’re broken, I know you’re wounded. I know you have a lot of work ahead of you if you choose to take that path, or stay stuck. But it is your choice alone, nobody else’s. I can’t say I didn’t try to help.

The Eclipse with the Cancer sun opposing Pluto in Capricorn caused a universal release for so many of us. So many things that no longer serve us, even me, were able to be let go.

All in all, despite all the turmoil and stress and emotional draining of these last few months, I am grateful for the lessons. And I am grateful I am back where I belong, where I am meant to be.

I still truly care and honest to God, I hope you find your solace, sooner than later. I hope you find peace and happiness. I wish you well. I harbor no ill feelings.

I made it back to where I belonged all this time and never saw it, it was right in front of my eyes. Pain clouded my judgement. I made some mistakes. But this eclipse really peeled the veil covering my eyes to the truth. It’s beautiful. There is beauty in pain, you just have to look for the good, the silver lining. It’s always there, sometimes it’s not so obvious until the universe hits you with an epiphany at a serendipitous moment. It’s all meant to be. I firmly believe we do this dance before we are born. Our souls choose our path in our lives, what we need to master through our trials and tribulations in any given lifetime.

I drew what I want my next tattoo to be. It has so much symbolism and meaning to my own existence. The love of my entire life, the pain and growth and transformation. A claddaugh, Chiron the wounded healer, and roses with thorns. I can’t draw for shit though, and it’s hilarious.

This eclipse has been wonderful to me.

My intuition tells me I know exactly what my daughter wished for. 💜

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