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Before I begin my schpeal my loves, I must apologize for the delay in writing my forecast for Persephone Is Rising’s amazing newsletter. No mean to use excuses, but this astrological weather has really thrown me for an emotionally and mentally draining loop. I’ve finally bounced back enough to finish this for everyone. Right now we are in an extended void of course moon in the sign of Scorpio. A void of course in the moon is a time of sluggish energy, where rest and no work is generally encouraged, and I’m feeling that fatigue dragging me physically down. I am plagued with multiple chronic pain and autoimmune disorders… and today, Fibromyalgia is flaring up and frankly, kicking my ass. I completely believe this void of course moon has something to do with it, due to my own personal natal chart and current transits. The void of course moon will last almost 14 hours today, ending at 12:30am tonight/this AM, whatevs, You get my drift. And then, when 12:30am hits, the moon has then ingressed into the sign of Sagittarius.

The summer solstice came on June 21st, and the Sun left Gemini, ingressing into Cancer. This particular day of the year marks a rough personal anniversary for me, 5 years ago to be exact now. Feel free to read my personal emotional blog to see why if it interests you at

The last few days have been a ride as I’ve said, upon a tsunami that is the current grand water trine between Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter (retrograde) in Scorpio, and Neptune (retrograde). Often lately I feel suffocation, like I’m being drowned in my emotional waves… the tide has come in way too high for me and I’m struggling to keep my head above water, quite literally.

Tomorrow, the 25the of June, a bit of a challenging aspect will be Venus in Leo making an exact square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Both planets in fixed signs, both stubborn as fuck. ‘scuse the French. Jupiter expands what it touches, and Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony in relationships. It’s a tough aspect, and it’s time to reflect whether you’re hitched or single. This applies to everyone, the collective of humanity as astrological transits tend to do- wink wink. Complacency in long term relationships and thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, it’s important to be aware that neighbor Neptune just went into retrograde as well. Jupiter and Neptune are also if you recall; in that smothering grand water trine with Mercury currently So it’s all translating to energetically feeling trapped underwater in a fisher’s net or shark cage, and there’s no way to the surface. So struggling it is not ideal, the easiest way out is truly to just relax… flow with the chaotic current… you’ll come up with the calming tide soon when this grand water trine soon simmers the hell down. Remember you always have a choice even when you feel you don’t: when you feel you don’t, that’s your mental just screwing with you. Tell those thoughts to shut it, please know you can make the decision to either encourage soul evolution and growth or stay stuck in misery and unwillingness to embrace life changes. These fixed signs Leo and Scorpio will nag and persist; you cannot ignore this strong transit… you are compelled to take action in your romantic life as well as in terms of self love, self healing, self forgiveness and self worth.

This grand water trine is also all about that old cliché “actions speak louder than words”. It’s time to prove yourself, do not continue to talk your fake ass bullshit to save face: it’s time to look the uncomfortability square in the eyes and also dig deep into your shadows. See what makes you tick, examine why that is so. You get what I mean:

Legit song of this grand water trine energy!!

Venus squaring Jupiter also brings to our attention, or enhances oblivion when it comes to overindulgence… Be careful of this and know that mindfulness is the key to overcoming this occurance. Also, now is the time to try your damndest to take harsh critiques from loved ones with a grain of salt. Act from your heart, not your ego and all will be smooth sailing… For the most part.

Then on the 26th of June, the moon goes void of course again as it does everytime the moon is about to ingress (the fancy schmancy astrological phrase for changing into the next sign) at 8:54am eastern time… Going from Sagittarius to capricorn. Prior to this switch, that void of course moon in Sagittarius makes a harsh square to Neptune in Pisces whom is still retrograde. So what occurs? Literal blurred lines, confused and conflicting emotions… Questioning what is reality, truly. Sorting the legit with the fake in all aspects of your life. Once that moon enters Capricorn, we will luckily all feel a bit more grounded and a sense of relief.

June 27th brings Venus into a quincunx with Neptune. Frankly, a quincunx is not considered to be a ‘major’ aspect typically in the world of astrologers. I disagree and find this aspect important and vital. A quincunx is basically a misunderstanding between the two planetary bodies involved and another term for quincunx is inconjunct. Balance is the goal when a quincunx occurs… In any aspect that happens, there is always a valid lesson to be learned and to grow from. So this aspect makes most people feel disconnected and isolated from others. Honestly I swear I feel aspects in advance being an empath. I’ve talked to fellow empaths before about this and the same phenomenon occurs to them as well. I feel entirely removed from everybody as I write this and it’s honestly so fucking horrible to feel like this. It’s kind of gross. But you know what? Flip it around, rearrange those negative Nancy thoughts (heh, take note self!!) And take some time to enjoy healthy, reflective solitude and for the love of Jesus do NOT fall into the rabbit hole hellish pit of morose despair.

The 28th marks the Full moon in the sign of Capricorn. This full moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn which is also currently retrograde. So oh snap… You know what that means? Our emotions could get in our way of learning and gaining the knowledge we need to move forward with our lives. It’s almost a battle of head and heart, logic and intuition… An internal tug of war. It becomes exact at 1:52am eastern. Despite mental confusion, don’t let sadness take over. Fight right back. Screw guilt; you’ve beaten yourself up long enough. Saturn will enhance your desire to make the needed changes to become happier in life. It’ll suck initially. Be patient and Saturn will provide his reward, in time.

Just previously; days ago, we dealt with the aspects of Venus opposing Mars which brought impulsivity, aggressions, potential envy and jealousy… Causing those in all types of relations to stir the pot so to speak out of sheet boredom. These people desperately are trying to fill an empty void within instead of looking for the answer to heal their pain and wounds. It’s not our responsibility to heal them, it is not our obligation as empaths. We have the right to say no and to enforce our personal boundaries. Send them love with sincerity and be on your way. Protect your energy.

Mercury recently opposed Pluto… Indicating the desire to spew every thought that comes to mind like explosive verbal diarrhea or constipation on the flip side (so sorry for the ew visual), with the inability to get anything out verbally at all. May have been the cause of mental aggravation, strain and stress; as a result of having the obsession with getting to the root of truths. It can be anxiety provoking… But it’s deep soul searching that not the faint at heart can handle. The Sun also recently squared Chiron… And this aspect helps us to overcome whatever self-doubt arises within us.

Now, let’s talk about all these damn retrogrades and eclipse season which is upon us, shall we?!

Mars: Goes retrograde on June 26th until August 27th through the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

Jupiter: Went retrograde on March 8th and ends on July 10th in the sign of Scorpio.

Saturn: Went retrograde on April 17th, will end on September 6th in the sign of Capricorn.

Neptune just started its’ retrograde on June 18th and will go until November 24th in the sign of Pisces.

Pluto started its’ retrograde on April 22nd and runs until September 30th.

And then we’ve got eclipses coming- a partial solar eclipse on July 13th, a total lunar eclipse from July 27th through the 28th (what a way to celebrate my birthday… with quite a cosmic bang eh?) Mercury then heads into retrograde within the first week of August.

So this energy is hella intense. It’s a time to grow, to heal, to overall just become a damn better person as a whole. All of these aspects, eclipses, and planetary retrogrades all serve the purpose to look inside, dig deep, and progress. Remember you always have a choice. You are never powerless.💜

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